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the dialect of Chinese spoken in Canton and neighboring provinces and in Hong Kong and elsewhere outside China

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Currently, over 40% of individuals in southern China are infected by this high-risk EBV strain and about 80% of the NPC cases in the Cantonese dialect group are driven by this high-risk EBV strain.
Dr Liu Jian Jun, Deputy Executive Director at GIS and lead author of the study said, "The importance of the EBV viral variants in the development of NPC and its striking epidemic among Cantonese dialect group have been poorly explored in the past.
So strong has been their ethnocentrism that, while the Nam Long people have adopted the standard Zhongshan or Shekki (Shiqi) speech (a subdialect of the Yue or Cantonese dialect) in school and business, their ancestral tongue has persisted in their villages along with traditional customs and inbred bloodlines.
But maybe, I don't know, like in Hong Kong, in the daily situation, you could speak in the Cantonese dialect, Mandarin Chinese, English or hybrid languages.
The two official languages in Hong Kong are Chinese (mainly the local Cantonese dialect) and English.
Further, the Dictionary of K'ang Hi is useless to determine the important "middle" entering tone of the Cantonese dialect, which, though as plain and as regular as either the upper or lower entering tones, has, apparently, been only recently discovered.
Earlier, when emerging from his black Mercedes-Benz limousine, Jiang was greeted by protesters shouting in their native Cantonese dialect "Rehabilitate the Tiananmen democracy movement," demanding a reversal of Beijing's verdict that the peaceful protests in 1989 were a counterrevolutionary uprising.
Xi Xi's use of symbolic characters to stand for certain people, the pleasure she takes in surrealist descriptions, and the language games she uses to correspond to the Cantonese dialect make perusal a difficult job even for the wary reader.
Born to a prosperous rural family in Chekiang (Zhejiang) (October 31, 1887); he is known under the Cantonese dialect pronunciation of his name; received a classical education, but decided to become a soldier when the civil service examination system was suspended (1905); attended the Paoting (Baoding) Military Academy in northern China (1906); studied at the Japanese Military Academy (1907-1911); deserted from the Japanese army and returned to China after the revolution at Wuhan (October 10, 1911); led an uprising in Chekiang (November 5); unemployed after Sun Yat-sen's alliance with Gen.
This piece mixes composed and improvised music, and features a number of extended techniques to represent the sounds of the Mandarin and Cantonese dialects. The result is a fascinating cacophony intended to sound like a busy Chinese market.
The provider confirmed its customer service representatives speak Mandarin and Cantonese dialects of Chinese, alongside English.
Cantonese dialects are spoken languages and have no written form.