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the dialect of Chinese spoken in Canton and neighboring provinces and in Hong Kong and elsewhere outside China

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Savor the traditional dishes of the Cantonese Cuisine with soft lighting, ethnic music and festive ambiance.
Local broadcaster Guangzhou TV also said it would refuse to change its mix of Cantonese and Mandarin programming.
The dominant languages in Type B municipalities of each city are also somewhat different: in Sydney, Arabic (three LGAs where Arabic is dominant) and Cantonese (two LGAs where Cantonese is dominant), followed by Vietnamese (one LGA) and Italian (one LGA); in Melbourne, Italian (four LGAs), Greek (three LGAs) and Vietnamese (three LGAs).
According to Bing Lai the term Jinyi ("Brocaded Clothing;" Cantonese Gam Yee) came from the Chinese saying Fugui bugui guxiang, ru yijin yexing ("If one becomes wealthy and honored and does not return to his village where he originated [to show his success], then it would be just like walking about in the darkness wearing colorful brocade clothing.
Chrissie and Rich Chilton tuck into their Cantonese takeaway.
What is it: This eatery will tickle your taste buds with a range of Cantonese, Peking and Szechuan cuisine as well as seafood.
Interpreters need more training in going from Cantonese to Mandarin.
The signs which provide information in English Irish and Cantonese are a feature of Belfast's new pounds 3million Laganside Courts.
This study examines the relationship between immediate serial recall and word articulation rate with Cantonese and English materials.
Eastern Consolidated has arranged a 15-year-lease at 165 Avenue B in the East Village for SUM, a new Cantonese restaurant that will be operated by critically acclaimed chef Ben Pope.
NOW open at John William Street, Hudders-field is Canton Chef, a stylish new restaurant offering the very best of authentic Cantonese cuisine.
His six picks for the best Chinese food in Birmingham range from the city's longest-running Cantonese restaurant to a small bakery tucked away in the Arcadian, with delicate dim sum platters, crispy pork and egg tarts to be sampled.
13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Verizon is delivering more Cantonese content to FiOS TV subscribers, with the addition of the TVB Package.
To strengthen service for overseas customers, ICBC has established a specialized electronic banking center to provide 24-hour telephone banking services, including manual service in five languages namely Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Spanish and Thai, as well as automatic voice service in nine languages namely Mandarin, Cantonese, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Japanese and Thai, which has met offshore customers requirement for financial service to their satisfaction.
From Opera Boat to Silver Screen: Visual and Sonic Culture of Cantonese Opera ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].