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an Italian-speaking region of southern Switzerland

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Police in the town of Brissago in Switzerland's Italian-speaking canton of Ticino said they were called to a refugee centre, after a report of an altercation after midnight.
Results from a referendum in the southern canton of Ticino showed that 65 percent of the electorate backed a proposal to forbid the covering of faces in public areas by any group.
It comprises the canton of Ticino and the Italian provinces of Como, Varese and Verbano-Cusio-Ossola.
With Headquarters in Villars-sur-Glane (FR), offices in Geneva (GE) and Sottens (VD), plus an antenna in Bellinzona (TI), Telecom Swiss Team (TSTeam) is active in the French speaking Swiss Romande and Italian speaking canton of Ticino.
The story begins in 1913, when an impoverished woman from the Swiss canton of Ticino, a certain Signora Pirovino, nee Ferrari, boarded a ship bound for New York with her four children.
Pietro Pazzi was born on November 24th, 1848, the year of revolutions in western Europe, to Giuseppe and Maddalena Pazzi, small landholders from long established families in Semione, a village near the mouth of the Alpine Val di Blenio in the Swiss canton of Ticino.
Swiss retail company Valora (SWF:VALN) said yesterday it has sold its book wholesale unit Melisa and its three bookshops in the Swiss canton of Ticino to local co-operative La Pergamena.
The volume is filled with full-page color photos of the projects of Cardada mountain, Kreuzlingen plaza on Lake Constance, and a private terrace on a forested property in the canton of Ticino.
She was later discharged to a clinic out of Rome to continue her treatment while Vatican sources confirmed she had travelled from her home in the Swiss canton of Ticino to Rome for the Mass.
You''ll find vineyards throughout the country, from Geneva - where vines loaded with chasselas tumble in steep terraces down the hillsides around the lake - to the warmer canton of Ticino which borders Italy and is a perfect spot for the merlot grape.
Founded in 1873, BSI AG is among the top 10 Swiss private banks and the oldest bank in the Swiss canton of Ticino.
The canton of Ticino is almost entirely surrounded by Italy which lies to its east, west and south.
MENDRISIO: Tucked away in the Swiss canton of Ticino, the discreet and highly secure gold refiner and producer Argor-Heraeus illustrates the two ends of a scale in current market trends.
A steam train passes over a bridge in Wassen, Switzerland, on its way from Erstfeld to the canton of Ticino, to mark the 125th anniversary of the Gotthard railroad Picture, SIGI TISCHLER, Associated Press
In March 2005, two arson attacks were launched in the city of Lugano, in the southern canton of Ticino, one against a clothing store owned by a Jewish family and another against the synagogue.