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an Italian-speaking region of southern Switzerland

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In Canton Ticino though, Mediterranean mentality can run deep.
Invitation to tender : permitting process for the HF Ritom will look for the founding Ritom SA (RISA), a future member of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) and the Canton Ticino represented by the Azienda Elettrica Ticinese
Currently based in his home town of Medrisio, Canton Ticino, Mario Botta has worked all over the world.
CPLG will be responsible for product merchandising, publishing and direct to retail strategy for multiple territories that include Italy, Canton Ticino, San Marino, Vatican Cit, United Kingdom and Eire, Spain, Portugal and Japan and act as DQE's licensing & merchandising agent for these territories.
Our core business is the supply of TLC services and housing provided through the network infrastructure of our own Data Centre in Chiasso in the Canton Ticino.
The specialities from Canton Ticino will offer First and Business travellers, on intercontinental services from Switzerland and on certain inbound flights, the food of top chef Urs Gschwend between March and May of this year.
The idea was to open yoga up to everybody," says Sabrina Nussbaum, the yoga instructor behind the Sentiero dello Yoga (yoga trail) in Gambaragno, Canton Ticino.