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an Italian-speaking region of southern Switzerland

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Francesco Giudici, ex-docente presso le scuole elementan della Svizzera italiana, in Canton Ticino, grande appassionato di enigmistica, elabora attivita enigmistiche di vario genere, lavorando con diversi quotidiani e riviste tra cui la Settimana Enigmistica.
The analysis of the potentiali for conversion of disused industrial buildings on the territory of the Canton Ticino is, without doubt, the novelty of this research.
Currently based in his home town of Medrisio, Canton Ticino, Mario Botta has worked all over the world.
The specialities from Canton Ticino will offer First and Business travellers, on intercontinental services from Switzerland and on certain inbound flights, the food of top chef Urs Gschwend between March and May of this year.
"The idea was to open yoga up to everybody," says Sabrina Nussbaum, the yoga instructor behind the Sentiero dello Yoga (yoga trail) in Gambaragno, Canton Ticino. As far as making yoga appealing goes, the yoga trail--the only one of its kind in the world--could not be more ideally situated.
SWISS will be serving its long-haul First and Business Class guests specialities from Ticino Swiss International will be serving its long-haul First and Business Class guests specialities from SwitzerlandOs Canton Ticino for the next three months.
Inspired by the local Merlot wine because of its dominance as a traditional wine in Ticino, the products contain grape-seed oil derived from handpicked grapes in Canton Ticino's Tenimento dell'Or vineyards, olive oil, almond oil, chestnut honey, as well as fruit and herbs.
The Italian-speaking region does not have the same population density as the areas north of the Alps, and it is generally much easier to find real estate in Canton Ticino. However, properties are likely to be much older and in need of considerable investment.