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Synonyms for Guangzhou

a city on the Zhu Jiang delta in southern China

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Woo Chin's wife, Nancy Wai Lee, was also born in Canton, China. After their marriage they moved to Jamaica Plains, Long Island, New York, where they owned a restaurant.
The story sees storm-hit characters tossed to the crowded shores of Canton, China - where they struggle to come to terms with their lives and losses.
The representatives, based in Guangzhou in Canton, China, had the chance to meet careers staff, academics and employers on the service's Employer Partnership Board.
Jones spent his boyhood in Canton, China, where his father was a YMCA missionary executive.
Zhicheng Liang is a Research Fellow at Sun Yat-Sen University (Canton, China), CERDI-CNRS, and University of Auvergne/Universite d'Auvergne (Clermont-Ferrand, France).
A native of Canton, China, he earned a bachelor's degree in foreign languages and literature from National Taiwan University, a master's in speech communication from Portland State University and a doctorate in educational leadership from Seattle University.
The Chan Handbook condenses the essential principles of chan meditation as taught by the late Tripitika Master Hsuan Hua, former instructor at the Nan Hua Monastery in Canton, China, into straightforward quotes of the Master's words taken from a 40-year period during the course of his life.
In the spring of 1918, influenza in humans spread rapidly all over the world and was prevalent from Canton, China, to the most northern parts of Manchuria and from Shanghai to Szechuan.
That's when the Canton, China, fair is held, a major gift, housewares and textiles show, said Litvin.
Born in Canton, China, Chung was granted his first one-man show at the age of 23.