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Synonyms for Canton

a small administrative division of a country

provide housing for (military personnel)

divide into cantons, of a country

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I intimated as much; but he was ready, and said with surly discontent: "You ought to see them in the Protestant cantons.
The final decision in this matter, which gave some property to the Commune, in the possession of which we were confirmed by the Council of State, made me a person of great importance in the canton.
It would take on board the furs collected during the preceding year, carry them to Canton, invest the proceeds in the rich merchandise of China, and return thus freighted to New York.
This tribunal, under an oath of impartiality, pronounces definitive sentence, which all the cantons are bound to enforce.
The Protestant and Catholic cantons have since had their separate diets, where all the most important concerns are adjusted, and which have left the general diet little other business than to take care of the common bailages.
IF YOU'RE in the mood for a delicious meal look no further than The Canton Chef.
Minister of Culture and Sport of Sarajevo Canton Mirvad KuriA met with Ambassador of the Republic of Austria to BiH Martin Pammer today and discussed cooperation between the Austrian Embassy and the Ministry in organizing the first Austrian Ball last year, and the long-year cooperation with Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra.
Notes: any inquiries regarding this bid are to be directed to: leigh thurston or jeff goulet, planning services division 1150 canton center s.
ZKB's IDRs and Support Rating are based on institutional support from the Canton of Zurich (AAA/Stable), the bank's guarantor and sole owner, and are equalised with the canton's IDRs.
As you can see from some of these photographs, there has been some dramatic changes, such as the Canton Bridge.
New Canton's Castle Bingo hall on Cowbridge Road is to be renamed New Canton and will install 12 60-inch, high-definition screens to create the enormous video backdrop to enhance the playing experience for players at the venue.
The Canton Chamber of Commerce Main Street Association, in partnership with Canton Nissan, will present the annual Mississippi Symphony on the Canton Square event Saturday, May 14.
The canton of Schaffhausen walked away with top scores in each subject.
Healey and loving mother of Vincent Healey and his wife, Carole, of Arkansas, Christine Healey and her husband, Charles Poutasse, of Concord, Patricia Healey and her husband, Tim Trask, of Nova Scotia, Johanna Healey and her husband, Earl McMann, of Canton, Jill Healey and her husband, Jim Stark, of Oregon, Paula Healey and her husband, Brian Milburn, of Clinton, John Healey and his wife, Kathleen, of Canton, and Rebecca Healeyand her husband, Alex Mak, of Canton.
Typically when we place an order we get our books at our facility in Canton within four or five days," adds Ayling.