Song of Solomon

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an Old Testament book consisting of a collection of love poems traditionally attributed to Solomon but actually written much later

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Pour souligner ce point de methode, j'aimerais dire un mot d'un article beaucoup plus connu mais, a mon sens, beaucoup moins eclairant sur ce theme, << La metaphore nuptiale dans le Cantique des Cantiques >> de Paul Ricoeur (1998).
Plays such as Electre (1937) were adapted from the classical tradition, such as Cantique des cantiques (1938; "Song of Songs") from the biblical tradition, and such as Ondine (1939) from the folk tradition.
emprunts au Cantique des cantiques (le jardin clos, le lys royal, la
Naidu's delivery of three very short, original Rumi verses also generated well-judged moments of repose within Daniel-Lesur's extraordinarily densely packed 1953 work, Le Cantique des Cantiques.