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English poet remembered as author of the Canterbury Tales (1340-1400)


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The second edition of Approaches to Teaching Chaucer's Canterbury Tales is the successor to a scholarly volume originally published in 1980.
Chaucer's narrative in The Canterbury Tales continues a conversation with its audience that has spanned more than five centuries.
English poet Geoffrey Chaucer died without having completed his great masterpiece, The Canterbury Tales.
On the other hand Canterbury Tales, 'Allo 'Allo and each of our pantomimes have been great fun.
It gives sigil, shelf-mark, and repository for every manuscript of the Canterbury Tales.
A performance of Canterbury Tales, at Speke Hall, as part of the outdoor theatre season Picture: GARETH JONES/ grj200711spekehall-4
The main draw is the spectacular cathedral where St Thomas Becket was killed in 1170 - an event that's pulled in pilgrims ever since, as regaled in Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.
This article covers some ways of exploring The General Prologue, Chaucer's narrative frame device for the bigger collection of tales that The Canterbury Tales constitutes, but why stop there when the tales themselves are so good?
His performance shows the parallels between the techniques used in modern hip-hop and the most famous literary work from the Middle Ages, Geoffrey Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales," the release says.
High school and college-level literary collections strong in Chaucer studies will find CHAUCER'S THE CANTERBURY TALES a fine reader's supplemental guide which introduces readers to Chaucer's life and times.
Canterbury Tales, Midland Arts Centre, Cannon Hill Park.
Smethwick-born Julie stripped off for the film Calendar Girls and had onscreen sex as The Wife of Bath in BBC TV's modern day re-working of The Canterbury Tales.
WE'VE had modern versions of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales and Shakespeare's plays - now the BBC's drama bods are turning their attentions to fairytales.
Performers at the Gathering include Banda Brisca from Italy, Zephyrus, an English bagpipe orchestra, Becky Taylor on Irish and Northumbrian pipes and Baba Brinkman, from Canada with the Rap Canterbury Tales.
The final section, "The Cachoeria Tales" is a diasporic spin on Chaucer's Canterbury Tales and fuses the traditions of the spiritual pilgrimage with that of the black trickster tales.
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