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a town in Kent in southeastern England

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In 'The Canterbury Tales' indeed, the plan is almost impossibly ambitious; the more than twenty stories actually finished, with their eighteen thousand lines, are only a fifth part of the intended number.
It is a commonplace to say that the Prolog to 'The Canterbury Tales' presents in its twenty portraits virtually every contemporary English class except the very lowest, made to live forever in the finest series of character sketches preserved anywhere in literature; and in his other work the same power appears in only less conspicuous degree.
Later on, perhaps through Chaucer's example, he turned to English, and in 'Confessio Amantis' (A Lover's Confession) produced a series of renderings of traditional stories parallel in general nature to 'The Canterbury Tales.' He is generally a smooth and fluent versifier, but his fluency is his undoing; he wraps up his material in too great a mass of verbiage.
'Now I look at you again, I see that the gentleman at Canterbury hadn't the same eyes as you--you'll think me very foolish for taking notice of such things, won't you?'
Mordred attacked; the Bishop of Canterbury dropped down on him with the Interdict.
Wickfield, as she offered none, and we conversed on other subjects until we came to Canterbury, where, as it was market-day, my aunt had a great opportunity of insinuating the grey pony among carts, baskets, vegetables, and huckster's goods.
Then the constable said, for the third time, "Now tell me, holy father, do pilgrims to Canterbury wear good Lincoln green beneath their robes?
The head of the Anglican church, the Archbishop of Canterbury His Grace Rt.
Canterbury Park Holding Corporation (NASDAQ:CPHC) declared on Friday that its board of directors authorised a cash dividend of USD0.07 per share for the quarter.
CANTERBURY 38 B'HAM & SOLIHULL 9 BIRMINGHAM and Solihull Bees couldn't make it back-to-back wins as they were well beaten at promotion-chasing Canterbury.
canterbury 38 bees 9 BIRMINGHAM and Solihull Bees were well beaten at promotion chasing Canterbury, unable to build on last week's victory over Guernsey.
B'ham & Solihull 17 Canterbury 31 BEES' head of rugby Pete Glackin insists he isn't too concerned after his side slumped to bottom spot in National 2 South following this comprehensive defeat.
Keagan Canterbury has developed a nutrient rich yoghurt-based honey mustard salad dressing which contains omega-3 fatty acids and carotenes.
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