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May substitute cantelope. ***Available through The Chef's Garden, (800) 289 4644 or
Prices are divided between pint and half-pint measures and start at pounds 1.25 for a half-pint carrot juice, which tastes much sweeter than the munched or cooked version, to pounds 3.60 for a toxin flusher of water melon, honey dew and cantelope.
"We have an arrangement called the Eid Mubarak Bouquet, which includes pineapples shaped as daisies, stars and moons in addition to other fruit such as cantelopes, grapes, chocolate-covered bananas and chocolate-covered dates...
We had always treated him as a complete individual, so it was peculiar to reflect that, as well as a fright of babysitters and a snagger of cantelopes, he must have been a Maine Coon land so a dual citizen like ourselves}.
For vitamin C, buy citrus fruits, cantelopes, strawberries and kiwis.