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a musical composition for voices and orchestra based on a religious text

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Comme j'oserais dire sans meme m'y comparer, Bach est un musicien, mais son christianisme est un christianisme de musicien, puisque nous le connaissons comme l'homme des cantates.
There is a sense of the holy here to which Baron Supervielle has already accustomed her readers (in, for example, Nouvelles cantates, 1995).
RAVEL Cantates de Rome (EMI Classics): It is one of the greatest scandals in the annals of music that vested interests, philistine traditionalism and plain bumbling bureaucracy prevented Maurice Ravel, already acclaimed as one of France's most gifted rising young composers, from winning the prestigious Prix de Rome in four successive years at the beginning of the last century.
She reread passages already marked in the margins of her Jerusalem Bible, then underlined others, and finally transcribed all in a notebook which became the Nouvelles cantates.
Contains: Cantates francoises, sur des sujets tirez de l'Ecriture, books 1-2.
Les melodies de chorals dans les cantates de Jean-Sebastien Bach.