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To learn more, Agricultural Research Service plant physiologist Gene Lester and colleagues measured the beta-carotene concentrations in orange-fleshed honeydew and cantaloupe melons grown under the same greenhouse conditions.
Apart from the above, it tastes delicious served chilled and you can make a wonderful healthy lunch by serving slices of cantaloupe melon, sliced avocado and poached salmon with a spinach and tomato salad with olive oil and lemon juice dressing with a touch of chilli.
2 Perfectly Ripe peaches, stones removed 1/2 galia or cantaloupe melon, deseeded and peeled 1/2 x 50g bag lambs lettuce
There is only one way to cope with it: you take a cold cantaloupe melon, cut it in half and fill the hollow with porto.
Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service has found that high-output ultraviolet-C (UVC) lights are effective in improving the quality and shelf life of fresh-cut cantaloupe melon.
Dry skin: avocado, honeydew or cantaloupe melon, olive, lettuce and carrot.
They have no fat and only contain 20-30 calories per 100 gram -100 grams of a cantaloupe melon will give you half of your daily recommended amount of vitamin C and provide you with antioxidants and beta carotenes which will convert into a good dose of vitamin A.
On the credit side, our hotel restaurants are wholly excellent, the staff fall over themselves to be kind, and yesterday evening I had a cold soup fashioned of liquidised cantaloupe melon with Schweppes ginger ale; I would never have thought of that.
2 litres/2 pts tomato juice; 250ml/8 fl oz very low-fat plain yoghurt; 100g/4oz cucumbergrated rind of 12 small onion, grated; lemon; lemon juice; salt and freshly ground black pepper; 1 cantaloupe melon, diced; 30ml/2 tbsp chopped basil
For the cantaloupe gelee 1 gelatin sheet, softened in 1/2 cup cold water 1 cup fresh cantaloupe juice, strained For the creme fraiche panna cotta: 3/4 cup Kendall Farms creme fraiche (*) 4 tablespoons granulated sugar 1 1/2 gelatin sheets, softened in 1 cup cold water For the dish: Watermelon rounds Honeydew melon rounds Cantaloupe melon rounds Rolled and frozen basil leaves For the garnish: Fleur de sel Greek basil leaves (**) Greek basil flowers (**) (*)Available through Kendall Farms at (805) 466-7252.
Effects of a cantaloupe melon extract/wheat gliadin biopolymer during aortic cross-clamping," Journal Intensive Care Medicine 10.
Listeria monocytogenes can be present in a variety of foodstuffs, including some processed meats and cheeses, and in fresh foods such as cantaloupe melon and raw spinach.
Use cantaloupe melon, which works best with the cured ham.
3 Eat a well balanced diet that's rich in potassium - with foods such as meats, poultry and fish, bananas, cantaloupe melon and milk.