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a resident of Cambridge

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His contributions to Post Keynesian Theory are exemplified by his Cantabrigian two-sector model (1965), his investment model developed with Peter Kenyon (1976), and his book The Structure of Post-Keynesian Economics, published by Cambridge University Press in 2006.
These are Cantabrigian stories, told with a firm awareness of a wider British backdrop.
Lubenow adheres to a dry empiricism and rigorous abstention from overt theory which he deems appropriately Cantabrigian and Apostolic.
A short stay in this burial ground will also reveal the last resting places of Nobel prize winner Sir John Cockcroft, two of Charles Darwin's sons and the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, as well as many other distinguished past Cantabrigians.
It's the only way to teach these Cantabrigians not to take themselves too seriously.