Cantabrian Mountains

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a range of mountains in northern Spain along the coast of the Bay of Biscay

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In Leon appears in Galician-Leonese mountains, as well as in western Cantabrian Mountains (from Ancares to low Babia and Luna territories) where it is more frequent than the bibliographic reports show.
E (1971a): The Piedrasluengas Limestone, a possible model of limestone facies distribution in the Carboniferous of the Cantabrian Mountains.
His remains were discovered in a cold subterranean cave 5,000 feet below sea level in the Cantabrian mountains of north-west Spain, where conditions are ideal for preserving DNA.
laqueus (Vologdin) on the basis of the similar structure of the cups in which the dimensions and ratios are consistent with the limits of variability of the species described in other similarly-aged locations in the Cantabrian Mountains.
Until now, the large bat had been located in mountainous regions such as the Eastern Pyrenees, the Cantabrian Mountains, the central mountain range or open Mediterranean landscapes where oaks, holm oaks and pines dominate.
The area around Santander has hundreds of beautiful, clean beaches set against the dramatic skyline of the Cantabrian mountains.
megargyrocoma (Asteraceae): three new species from the Cantabrian Mountains (N Spain)--Lazaroa 34: 11-17.
This work is a continuation of the intense study we are making in the genus Pilosella in the area of the Cantabrian Mountains (Mateo & del Egido, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012a, 2012b; del Egido & Mateo, 2012) and takes place in the context of the monographic revision of this genus in the Iberian Peninsula started years ago (Mateo, 1988).
It is distributed worldwide and has been recorded in Spain from the Iberian Chains (Carls and Gandl, 1969), the Pyrenees (Boersma, 1973b; Valenzuela-Rios, 1994; Martinez-Perez and Valenzuela-Rios, 2005) and the Cantabrian Mountains (Garcia-Lopez and Alonso-Menendez, 1994; Garcia-Lopez and Sanz-Lopez, 2002a); in Bohemia in the Czech Republic (Chlupac et al.
The evening, exclusively open to members of our culture club, featured wines from the Ribera del Duero area of Spain, which lies north of Madrid and south of the Cantabrian mountains.
In another archaeological site, this time in the eastern Cantabrian Mountains, the charcoal record from El Miron Cave shows a major use of yew as fuel ca.
The Cantabrian Mountains are a segment of the Pyrenees that emerged to the west of the Pamplona Fault.