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a jar used in ancient Egypt to contain entrails of an embalmed body


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Debussy's Canope as Narrative Form," College Music Symposium 12 (2002): 103-17; Avo Somer, "Musical Syntax in the Sonatas id Debussy: Phrase Structure and Formal Function.
Les poumons etaient places dans le canope ferme par un couvercle representant Hapi (dieu a tete de babouin), le foie dans celui representant Amset (dieu a tete humaine), l'estomac dans celui representant Douamoutef (dieu a tete de chacal) et les intestins etaient gardes par Qebehsenouf (dieu a tete de faucon).
These pieces set certain problems which defy the whole ethos of the book: Wolf's 'Das verlassene Magdlein' because it is so obviously a setting of its words; Debussy's Canope, Ives's 'In Flanders fields' and the Scherzo from Bartok's Op.
Market 1: Carrying out air analyzes within the public institutions of the new forum des halles and the canope in paris 1 st market 2: Carrying out air analyzes in the public-use areas of the bourse saint eustache sector of the forum des halles in paris 1 st .
Market 1: Maintenance and general technical maintenance of the public institutions of the New Forum des Halles and the Erp Canope in Paris 1er; Market 2: Maintenance and general technical maintenance of the parts for collective use of the Bourse Saint Eustache sector of the Forum des Halles in Paris 1st.
Bringing out an array of the finest teas we were taken through each blend in fine detail until the waiter found one to our tastes which accompanied quite wonderful canopes and petit fours.
The world of champagne, canopes and carnal encounters is a far cry from Chris' trophy-laden life as one of Britain's top athletes.
Le superviseur general des monuments de Louxor Dr Mansour Barek a declare que la mission avait decouvert cinq catacombes rocheuses contenant 9 canopes utilises par les pharaons pour preserver les entrailles des defunts pendant les operations d'embaumement.
Quirky, alternative and colourful were the main themes visible in the clothes, cocktails and canopes on offer at the Jesmond bar As You Like It .
It is thought that the bright Canopes are references to the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, while the obscure one could be the dark Coalsack Nebula.