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a jar used in ancient Egypt to contain entrails of an embalmed body


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[10.] Canope J, Le Dividich J, Hedrevilleet F and F Despois Influence d'un traitement technologique sur l'efficacite alimentaire des principaux prodiuts amylaces tropicaux (pata douce et banane) dans I'alimentation du porc.
330-31), but elsewhere, transposition is considered a modified form of duplication (e.g., her analysis of "Canope," pp.
The trial ended when animals reached the recommended slaughtering weight for CR pigs which is 65 kg BW (Canope and Raynaud, 1982; Depres et al., 1992).
A remarkable ten-part piece that demonstrates Rameau's use of unusually large choral forces is found in the act entitled 'Canope' from Les Fetes de l'Hymen et de l'Amour, a ballet heroique written for the marriage of the dauphin in 1747.
"Debussy's Canope as Narrative Form," College Music Symposium 12 (2002): 103-17; Avo Somer, "Musical Syntax in the Sonatas id Debussy: Phrase Structure and Formal Function." Music Theory Speetrum 27, no.
Les poumons etaient places dans le canope ferme par un couvercle representant Hapi (dieu a tete de babouin), le foie dans celui representant Amset (dieu a tete humaine), l'estomac dans celui representant Douamoutef (dieu a tete de chacal) et les intestins etaient gardes par Qebehsenouf (dieu a tete de faucon).
Mr Daniels and Ms Baldwin handle all of the pruning, picking and canope management, and very little is mechanised.
These pieces set certain problems which defy the whole ethos of the book: Wolf's 'Das verlassene Magdlein' because it is so obviously a setting of its words; Debussy's Canope, Ives's 'In Flanders fields' and the Scherzo from Bartok's Op.
[EURO]10.] Contains: The Litde Negro; The Little Shepherd; Danse de la poupee; Danse bohemi-enne; Clair de lime; Page d'album; Reverie; Arabesque; Elegie; Prelude ("Canope").
Entry costs PS10 and includes a glass of champagne for over-18s, as well as canopes, free parking and free Wi-Fi.