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the body of codified laws governing the affairs of a Christian church

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Martens and other canon lawyers say that canon law already had provisions allowing the pope to remove bishops and that the new law is a relatively small measure that merely specifies what was happening in the past.
I have never heard a priest or canon lawyer give a convincing response to that question.
A Pernicious Sort of Woman": Quasi-Religious Women and Canon Lawyers in the Later Middle Ages.
Church officials and canon lawyers are discussing whether sacraments that have taken place there in the last five years will have to be re-blessed.
Boniface may not have made any greater claims for papal authority than canon lawyers and some of his predecessors had made before him, but he was shouting vigorously against the wind.
They can not hide behind their canon lawyers any more, pretending that they above the law of Britain.
Despite the attempts of theologians and canon lawyers to limit the realm of miracles, and despite the displacement of early medieval "ordeal" by more rational evidentiary proceedings in the central Middle Ages, the resort to miracle endured as a solution for natural catastrophe and the failure of human institutions, especially in the face of unjust imprisonment, torture, ransom, brigandage.
It is a collection of extracts, designed for the use of canon lawyers, perhaps already intended for incorporation into larger, systematic collections.
The members, canon lawyers who are women religious, are now advising the group on canonical matters and will also offer advice to women's congregations around the world.
Pope Francis has created a panel of theologians and canon lawyers whose main task is to simply the process of getting annulments from the Roman Catholic Church.
We have consulted with the best English and Spanish-speaking canon lawyers in the world.
Charles Donahue, Jr applies Brand's definition of what constitutes a 'profession' to the fourteenth century and concludes that the plural term 'professions' is more apposite to describe each of the variegated groups that constituted the common lawyers and canon lawyers who plied their business in that time.
Roman and canon lawyers who were writing during the second half of the twelfth century and the opening decades of the thirteenth were primarily interested in the intellectual or philosophical problems that the law presented.
Prophetic action is never quiet, safe, conventional, or in accord with the prudent advice of liability lawyers and canon lawyers.
Wells examines this Italian background as well as the important role played by canon lawyers who; working out of Roman law, constructed a quite malleable understanding of what it meant to belong to a polity.