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the body of codified laws governing the affairs of a Christian church

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Canon lawyers say that there is nothing in church law that forces priests to leave the priesthood for fathering children.
"Human rights are not absolute if they are against the plan of God," said Monsignor Edgardo Pangan, a canon lawyer who handles church annulments for the Diocese of San Fernando.
Brady - a canon lawyer - said he was following orders from superiors.
In 1423 the English confessor general of the Bridgettines, Thomas Fishbourne, employed a distinguished canon lawyer, Panormitanus, to provide a consilium, or legal opinion, to ensure the survival of the order.
According to Pete Vere, a canon lawyer in Ontario, Canada, who specializes in the rights of the mentally and cognitively disabled: "Not only is the state sanctioning involuntary euthanasia, but this sets an awful precedent in which society judges an individual by his or her perceived utility."
Thanks to Marc Balestrieri, a 33-year-old canon lawyer who practices in Los Angeles, you can help excommunicate the presumptive Democratic nominee with just a few keystrokes on Balestrieri's Web site.
CARDINAL BENEDICT Gaetani, a canon lawyer and diplomat from a leading Roman family who had spent many years working his way up in the papal government, was chosen pope in 1294 to replace the elderly Celestine V, a saintly former hermit who found himself totally out of his depth.
Hitler's Pope: The Secret History of Pius XII (Viking, 430 pp., $29.95) is British Catholic journalist John Cornwell's well-researched biography of canon lawyer and Vatican diplomat Eugenio Pacelli, who became Pope Pius XII in 1939.
A serious theologian as well as a canon lawyer and a gifted administrator, Innocent oversaw a vast expansion of papal interests and directed or intervened in affairs as varied and wide-ranging as the Fourth Crusade, the Fourth Lateran Council, the establishment of the Franciscans and the Dominicans, and the relations of the king of England with his barons.
Prominent among these men was the canon lawyer, poet, and scholar Antonio Beccadelli of Palermo (hence his popular sobriquet "il Panormita"), who lived from 1394 to 1471.
James Quinn, a respected canon lawyer, has advised church officials to send sensitive files to the Vatican Embassy in Washington.
Nicholas Cafardi, a respected civil and canon lawyer, noted that the current version of the code already says the Vatican can give archbishops "special functions and power" in their regions "where circumstances demand it."
Elias Ayuban Jr., a Claretian missionary and a Canon lawyer from the Dicastery on the Consecrated Life at the Vatican in Rome, was the resource speaker during a fellowship among the clergy and consecrated persons of the Diocese of Dumaguete last Monday.
The tribunal now only requires one judge, instead of at least two priests and one canon lawyer, and local bishops will now have the power to personally judge straightforward cases, according to the Washington Post.
"He wants to move the church as rapidly as possible to reform, but he also does not want to split the church in two," Charles Reid, a canon lawyer and professor at the University of St.