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SOME-FIN ELSE Orcas gracefully circle around canoeists in Vrangel Bay
While slalom canoeists can test and improve their abilities at the Biela Voda white-water resort in unovo near Bratislava, sprint canoers and rowers are not so lucky.
Right and below, international canoeists were put through their paces at the official preview of the Teesside White Water Course in January 1995
The students undertook the exam at the lake on the Walford Campus, with Andy Turton owner of Ty Nant Outdoors, who is an experienced canoeist and kayaker and has visited the lake on numerous occasions.
"All the canoeists had a great time - despite the rain."
Passerby Ben Green, from Rhyl, managed to capture the rescue mission on camera and praised the heroic actions of the canoeists.
A MEDICAL student came to the rescue of a canoeist who suffered a suspected heart attack and cardiac arrest in Stratford on Wednesday night.
But canoeist Stuart Clark, 66, said there was "no way" his group was involved in the "shocking" theft.
A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: "One canoeist had already made his way to safety when crews arrived.
The Angling Trust has sent a legal letter to Canoe Wales, the British Canoe Union and Canoe England, demanding they stop publishing information suggesting canoeists have a "general right of navigation".
In the past, hikers and canoeists approached homeowners in the area to ask to use their toilets, said Jerry Horak, a member of the Glen Morris Lions Club, in a Nov.
Other canoeists had performed first aid on the man at the scene before rescue services arrived and took over.
It has fast rapids, gorges, and what canoeists refer to as playful sections.
The event saw participation of more than 500 enthusiastic canoeists across the country.