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a city in southwestern Germany famous for innovative architecture

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Born at Bad Cannstatt in Germany, Bez has a doctorate in engineering from the University of Berlin.
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Pauli (1972), however, has suggested the presence of transvestite ritualists in Hallstatt Germany on the basis of seemingly anomalous grave assemblages, as at Bad Cannstatt 1 and 2 with their mix of weaponry and supposedly female objects like hair ornaments.
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Other thugs belong to far-right groups such as Bayern Munich's Service Crew and Stuttgart's Commando Cannstatt.
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According to Seiffert, the painting is in Cannstatt, near Wurttemburg.
After Daimler's son Paul took it on a six-mile ride from Cannstatt to Unterturkheim and back (successful unless you count as mishap the leather-covered saddle catching fire), Daimler abandoned the Einspur (one-track) to get on with his original interest, a four-wheel conveyance.