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a solid projectile that in former times was fired from a cannon

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But ships did not store their cannon balls on deck as there was not enough room so this is likely to be a way of giving a rude saying a more innocent origin.
Archaeology and museums director, Chenna Reddy, said officials from his department visited the site and measures would be taken to move the cannon balls.
Cannon balls with hissing fuses rolled down the cobblestones and mortars exploded overhead showering death and destruction below.
He brought muskets along with helmets, pikes, cannon balls and other pieces of seventeenth century military equipment to the all-girl secondary school in Nut brook Avenue, Tile Hill.
The cannon balls come through the sails and whizz out into the audience.
Woods said he couldn't come up with anything that was rated PG-13, but he did remember a joke his seventh-grade English teacher once asked on the first day of class: What happens when two cannon balls mate?
They not only found darker dirt, revealing vertical logs had been there, but also pieces of cannon balls, bent nails, pieces of day pipes, and musket balls.
Constitution reportedly received its nickname, "Old Ironsides," during the War of 1812 because its live oak hull was so tough that British war ships' cannon balls literally bounced off it.
But are you now saying that Iraq and Middle Eastern terrorist organizations are just cannon balls of fluff that should be ignored and that we should now concentrate only on North Korea?
I remember these clowns doing cannon balls into the pool and shit like that.
State Farm's and Geico's marketing strategies are like cannon balls rolling loose on a ship's deck--no one knows how they will affect the competition, said Michael A.
We learn in maddening detail how many florins Sickingen exacted from this village or that as contributions on each of his campaigns, how much he spent on food, horses and cannon balls, but nothing about the man who sheltered on his Ebernburg those who were persecuted by the imperial or papal bans; nothing about the man who, quite unselfishly, rushed to the aid of Johannes Reuchlin; and nothing about the reformer who was the first to introduce a new evangelical church order in his lands and engaged Martin Bucer and Johannes Oecolampadius to implement it.
Gold pieces, cannon balls, musket balls, pewter plates and other assorted artifacts were received in the division.
IN 1779, the American buccaneer Paul Jones launched an attack on Skinningrove by firing some cannon balls.
Visitors will be offered a weekend's activities to delight the senses, from the tastes and smells of medieval cuisine and the fine wines that once stocked castle cellars at Raglan, to the sound of gentle harp music, the spectacle of classic plays and the feel of firing a trebuchet - better known as those big wooden catapults that launched cannon balls and flaming barrels over the walls of enemy fortresses.