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a solid projectile that in former times was fired from a cannon

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Another intriguing discovery was a group of poorly cast cannon balls.
He experimented with projectiles and had success with a method that caused the cannon ball to spin, which helped to stabilise its trajectory.
"While the 2013 expedition involved surveying and marking of the excavation site, some of the best artefacts like the bell of the ship, cannon balls and ceramics were recovered during that phase.
The trebuchet will be back firing flaming cannon balls twice a day during half-term week which starts on Saturday, February 13.
The prospect of cannon balls or historic finds had raised concerns from Historic England but planners were told the heritage group has since withdrawn any objections.
It's a skill that involves flinging heavy objects such as CANNON BALLS and kettlebells.
CONTINI haggis cannon balls, served with a pickled turnip salad and creme fraiche and mustard sauce is on the menu at Scots-Italian catering legends the Contini's new restaurant in Edinburgh.
Today, it still houses more than 200 cannons and 15,000 cannon balls.
One punishment involved picking up cannon balls and carrying them from one end of the yard to another - the sort of cruel and pointless exercise you now have to pay an expensive personal trainer to take part in.
British sailors observed cannon balls bouncing off Constitution's-hull and exclaimed her sides must have been made of iron.
In 1738, church founder John Wesley began preaching in an abandoned building once used to cast cannon balls for the British military.
She also hosted Passover, which featured the turkey, but no pie, just matzah ball soup with billowy-soft "cannon balls" floating in fatty chicken broth.
IN 1779, the American buccaneer Paul Jones launched an attack on Skinningrove by firing some cannon balls. It is recorded he "did not do much damage except to cellars and larders".
Dylan asks: "How many times must the cannon balls fly before they are forever banned?" and "How many deaths will it take 'til he knows that too many people have died?" Eddie Sanders, Pheasey Estate
Police also seized 81 anti-vehicle landmines, missile shells, cannon balls, nine bags of explosives, two machine guns, seven AK-47 rifles and 568 kilograms of drugs.