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eat human flesh

use parts of something to repair something else

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Meanwhile, he said the tablet segment is definitely decreasing quarter on quarter due to the cannibalisation from smartphones.
A slowdown in digital camera volume cannibalisation, along with smart-TV set upgrades, will put the AV market on a stronger trajectory.
Gupta said it is "risky for Apple to introduce a new lower-priced model", adding: "Although the possible new lower-priced device may be priced similarly to the iPhone 4 at $300 to $400 ([pounds sterling]190 - [pounds sterling]260), the potential for cannibalisation will be much greater than what is seen today with the iPhone 4.
Traffic has decreased by 0.4% due to the effect of cannibalisation (hypermarket traffic increased, while convenience store traffic slumped).
"I think there was some cannibalisation from iPad," Cook acknowledged earlier this week during his company's quarterly earnings call with Wall Street.
The key is to balance potential cannibalisation by capturing new market share and setting limits to slow (but not hinder) adoption until better models can be devised and impact addressed.
However, the unusual nature of the outbreak gave rise to a second, even more shocking theory - that the anthrax was being spread among the hippos through cannibalisation.
Then a second, more shocking theory arose - the anthrax was spread among the hippos through cannibalisation.
I suggest whoever is responsible for this cannibalisation should go to a local farm and be shown how, with the correct equipment, the job is done correctly.
By 2012, the report predicts mobile instant messaging (MIM) will supplant SMS as the mainstream messaging service as smartphones and wireless internet proliferate, especially in markets such as North America.Operators, the report suggests, need to strike a balance between SMS and IM pricing in order to prevent the cannibalisation of SMS revenues in the future.However, it will still take time for advanced services such as mobile email and IM to gain traction in the less developed markets of Africa and the Middle East, because it still has high poverty levels and large rural areas.
Spoiling the cannibals' fun?; cannibalism and cannibalisation in culture and elsewhere.
Ministry of Defence bosses last night said cannibalisation of subs - called Storob - was a cost-effective way of running the fleet after cutbacks meant pounds 310million was slashed off the Navy's maintenance budget.
"And since on the face of it, there has been no cannibalisation of betting, the market is still growing.
``There has been no cannibalisation of sales from the Goodison Park site, '' said Mr Saverimutto.