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eat human flesh

use parts of something to repair something else

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Deferred replacement spending in recent years means potential for market to bounce back as economy improves, but cannibalisation of retail PC demand by increasingly powerful smartphones adds uncertainty.
Cook has regularly admitted the iPad's cannibalisation impact, but has never speculated about how many Macs have not been sold because of the tablet.
This can help reduce the impact of cannibalisation while supporting new technologies and models for both "Private or Public Cloud SaaS" implementations.
I suggest whoever is responsible for this cannibalisation should go to a local farm and be shown how, with the correct equipment, the job is done correctly.
Our limited-edition character-licensing strategy has become increasingly important to the Frubes brand, with a remarkably low cannibalisation rate on the standard Frubes packs," said Frubes brand manager Caroline Segalen.
The modules are able to take into account factors such as market segmentation, cross-channel impact, product cannibalisation, advertising effect, seasonality, product lifecycle, inventory availability and supply costs to create an optimised promotional campaign.
Two new projects by Eric Owen Moss for Culver City's dislocated downtown demonstrate an imaginative and useful cannibalisation of existing industrial structures.
REVENUE OPPORTUNITY Market Size Addressable Market Market Timing Revenue Streams Cannibalisation Device Sales Incremental Music Sales
The decline in desktop and notebook shipments, in part the result of cannibalisation of sales by low-cost tablets, is limiting growth of market value.
A vendor source with direct knowledge of the matter said, 'The Sail hatch and notch are in the same segment as the Aveo so the company expects some degree of cannibalisation if the two coexist.