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tubular pasta filled with meat or cheese

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Pasta dishes could be ravioli, lasagne or canneloni.
The truffles will be shaved into paper-thin slices and added to a wild mushroom canneloni - one of several Italian-inspired dishes served at this French-inspired restaurant.
Beyond that, there are Prawns en Croute, Saithe Fish Rolls, Salmon Canneloni and plenty of cod, flounder, plaice, Atlantic saithe and other whitefish products to choose from--prepared, breaded and otherwise value-added.
The Jordanian female kitchen does not recognize that Bolognaise sauce should be heavy and meaty, with onions and garlic dissolved into a sauce, while lasagne and canneloni are smothered in a stomach churning white sauce.
The kids snubbed his posh dishes like canneloni and stuck to burger and chips.
You don't have to worry like the stars about the extra pounds the camera puts on, so order Malta's speciality kannoli cakes, sinful canneloni stuffed with ricotta and chocolate.
The canneloni filled with ricotta cheese and spinach was another casserole surprise, relentlessly smothered in dense cheese.
Heat-shocking conditions may occur in minimally processed, refrigerated, cook-in-bag foods such as filled pasta products (ravioli, tortellini, canneloni, etc.), moussaka, lasagna, and chili con came.
PUMPKIN AND CHEESE CANNELONI 12 cannelloni or manicotti shells 2 tsp.
Sorry Giovanni, but our own cafe quarter is more canneloni than Canaletto.
Lynn's main course - a canneloni stuffed with ragu and covered in tomato sauce and a cheesy white sauce - was also well received.
One of my favourite ever meals was: Canneloni a la Romana courtesy of the Bellavista in Milnrow.
Marche chef Rocky Maselli says restaurant clients can expect to enjoy truffles infused in butter served over grilled steak or shaved thinly over canneloni.
Having ordered a main course of sheet of pasta drenched in pesto (pounds 8), she was confronted by something that looked suspiciously like a Tesco microwaveable canneloni.