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standard formulations uniformly found in certain types of legal documents or news stories

thick plate iron used in the production of boilers

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It further minimized his past connection, writing in a canned response to me that, "Mr.
When you protest to Air Force procurement officers that the F15 is too expensive to be practical, the canned response is, "The Soviet tactical air arm outnumbers ours three to one.
It's a canned response, but one that is familiar in journalism where principles often smother empathy.
One vendor who has been selling products to Amazon for five years said he got a canned response when he inquired why his routine weekly purchase order never came through.
Instead of answering questions asked, pre-scripted email forms provide a canned response. For already anxious, concerned or upset customers, perceived non-answers can exacerbate angst and anger--counterproductive to creating a positive customer service environment.
They had the same canned response to Measure 97: "Prices will go up, it will hit the poor the worst, businesses will flee, Oregon will lose jobs, it will be calamity," they say.
This is a canned response, if ever there was one, considering more than a few users in the Windows Dev Center forum are more than a little 'unhappy' with this current debacle.
The partner started to give a canned response about why the rates were not too high, but Mars interrupted him to explain that he wanted to raise the rates for these attorneys by 20-25 percent.