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Synonyms for albacore

relatively small tuna with choice white flesh

large pelagic tuna the source of most canned tuna

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APHA signed onto another letter to Daniels in support of removing canned albacore tuna from WIC food packages for breastfeeding women and of adding canned sardines and salmon.
Tuna max Two federal agencies advised consumers to limit consumption of fish, especially canned albacore tuna, over concerns about mercury contamination (sciencenews.
Once you've made clear the health and environmental advantages to using specialty canned albacore tuna from responsible micro-canneries you can focus your merchandising efforts on the superior taste and versatility of specialty canned tuna, and show your customers how to go beyond tuna salad sandwiches, or at the very least, how to make better tuna salad sandwiches.
EWG instead recommends that women of childbearing age and children under age 5 years avoid canned albacore tuna.
But amid alarming new reports of mercury in canned albacore tuna and contaminants in farmed salmon, is the eat-fish mantra still wise?
Tuna steaks and canned albacore tuna generally contain higher levels of mercury than canned light tuna,'' it said.
Tuna steaks and canned albacore tuna, also called white tuna, generally contain three times the mercury of canned "light" tuna, federal tests show.