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coextensive with the genus Canna

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Marantaceae and Cannaceae consistently have conspicuously asymmetric flowers with corolla, androecium and gynoecium involved, especially elaborate in Marantaceae (Kirchoff, 1983; Kress, 1990; Classen-Bockhoff & Heller, 2008).
The only larger clades with consistently or predominantly elaborate asymmetric flowers are Phaseoleae (Fabaceae) and Cannaceae plus Marantaceae (Zingiberales).
Druse-like silica bodies characterize several other commelinid monocots, such as Arecaceae, Cannaceae, Costaceae, Marantaceae, Musaceae, and Strelitziaceae, but in these families they occur in the bundle sheath cells adjacent to sclerenchyma, rather than in the epidermis, as in Dasypogonaceae.
15, Arecaceae (vessels throughout the plant, except in a few non-basal genera) is a sister family to Zingiberales (vessels in roots only except for Cannaceae, Marantaceae) plus Commelinales (vessels various).
as 'ethylene sensitive' and Iridaceae, Liliaceae, Amaryllidaceae, Gentianaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Cannaceae etc.