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Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica versus "Sativa" and "Indica"", in Chandra S, Lata H.
Amazon Organics in Eugene even sells a strain-specific Cannabis indica mixed berry taffy.
Patients go up the stairs and through a locked door to the actual dispensary, where jars hold fragrant buds of cannabis sativa and cannabis indica with names like Sour Diesel, Northern Lights Haze and Purple Kush--$50 to $60 for an eighth of an ounce.
However, in the 19th century it was prepared chiefly as a tincture (alcoholic solution), generally referred to as tincture of hemp, tincture of cannabis, or Cannabis indica.
Jane-Ome provides a gateway to the Cannabis genome project led by Medicinal Genomics, which in August 2011 sequenced the entire genome of Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica, assembling the largest known gene collection of this therapeutic plant.
Speeding this case up due to space constraints, Cannabis indica and the following three remedies Hyoscyamus niger, Thuja occidentalis, and Staphysagria, each prescribed for excessive sex drive and their corresponding mental-emotional fields of suspicion, aggression, secrecy, uncertainty of self, and low self-esteem, melted away these fields.
afghanica of Cannabis indica by Clarke and Merlin, but what is commonly referred to as "sativa-type" marijuana in the marijuana trade and indeed in much of society is assigned to subp.
Inflaciones controladas por un indice con articulos de venta restringida y casi ninguna oferta; aperturas comerciales donde los productos ofrecidos son petroleo, mano de obra regalada y medio ambiente y creciente subsidio a los duenos de los bancos; endeudamiento descontrolado y sin uso adecuado ni honorable; y una marana agropecuaria donde se ha hecho evidente que lo unico costeable es la siembre de Cannabis Indica.
As a drug, it was known to pharmacists by its alternative botanical name, cannabis indica (originally mistaken as a different species).
USA and the Netherlands, announced today that it has sequenced the entire genomes of Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica, representing two strains of the therapeutic plant.
After he returned to England in 1841, he popularized its use there and introduced Cannabis indica to the Western world.
La cannabis indica permite reflexionar con calma acerca de las angustias que acosan al hombre de este fin de milenio, abrumado por las obsesiones de una Era que ha trastocado los valores sagrados y divinos por la obscenidad de la comunicacion y la tecnologia.