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two genera of erect or twining herbs that are pollinated by the wind, including the genera Cannabis and Humulus

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Hoy en dia es asignada a la familia cannabaceae, que consta de tres especies: C.
Indeed, a number of polyphenols have been identified in hop, a dioecious plant of the Cannabaceae family, which is grown in most of the temperate climate zones of the world (De Keukeleire et al.
La familia Cannabaceae incluye dos generos, Humulus L.
El canamo o marihuana (Cannabis sativa), de la familia Cannabaceae, ha sido una planta de enorme importancia economica en Europa por las propiedades textiles de sus fibras, asi como por las substancias narcoticas de su aceite o resina conocida como hachis (Lopez Saez 2000: 221).
It belongs to the Cannabaceae family, which comprises two genera: Cannabis and Humulus (hops).
Very often the inflorescence (blossom) of hops (Humulus lupulus) is added, a Cannabaceae which contains a resin that acts as a bactericide and gives beer its characteristic bitterness.
Kunth Calophyllaceae Calophyllum brasiliense x Cambess Cannabaceae Lozanella enantiophylla x (Donn.