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two genera of erect or twining herbs that are pollinated by the wind, including the genera Cannabis and Humulus

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Tylosema fassoglensis Cl W Anaemia (Schweinf.) Torre and Child Hillc., Kiyugeyuge (NPK034) repositioning Cannabaceae 17.
Hops are a member of the Cannabaceae family, which includes marijuana.
Five families viz., Cannabaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Geraniaceae, Lamiaceae, Papaveraceae and Poaceae had one host plant and one aphid species each.
(123) See generally Karl W Hillig & Paul G Mahlberg, "A Chemotaxonomic Analysis of Cannabinoid Variation in Cannabis (Cannabaceae)" (2004) 91:6 American J Botany 966 ("plants with relatively high levels of THC were...
Cannabaceae, and German camomile (chamomile) Matricaria chamomilla L.
(milkweed family) (cardenolide) (rooster tree, giant milkweed, and sodom apple) Latex Calpurnia aurea Fabaceae/ Leaf and bark Papilionaceae/ Leguminosae (Hardy annual legume/pea family) Cinnamomum camphor a Lauraceae (camphor plant) The Laurel family Cannabis sativa Cannabaceae (hemp Fresh leaf L.(ganja/marijuana, family) marihuana, hemp, hashish, pot) Capsicum annum Solanaceae (lemon Fresh leaf L.(scotch bonnet/ pepper/nightshade/ pimento or sweet potato family) pepper) Capsicum spp.
hashish), seeds, leaves and roots of Cannabis spp (Family Cannabaceae) have been a valuable commodity and revered medicine to humankind for millennia.
Cannabaceae Celtis ehrenbergiana 6,4 1,7 2,0 Capparaceae Capparis atamisquea 10,5 Celastraceae Maytenus vitis-idaea Convolvulaceae Convolvulus sp.
Cannabis Sativa also is in the same genus 6 Cannabaceae 6 as Humulus Lupulus, or hops.
commonly has known as hops, from Cannabaceae family, one of the plants which have been used in traditional medicine [26].
As familias botanicas mais representativas foram Fabaceae, Apocynaceae, Anacardiaceae, Cannabaceae e Myrtaceae, alem de Rubiaceae que apresentou grande riqueza de especies na amostragem porem com pouca representatividade em numero de individuos se comparada as demais familias anteriormente citadas.
13 Leaves from Cannabis Sativa (Cannabaceae) Leaf Cannabis Sativa are used to make oii L./Bhang, Siddhi then message on the scalp till cure.