Canis lupus

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a wolf with a brindled grey coat living in forested northern regions of North America

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population of gray wolves is limited to three disjunct groups in the lower forty-eight: a population of gray wolves in and around Yellowstone National Park, a population of Mexican wolves, Canis lupus bailey, in Arizona and New Mexico, and a population of gray wolves in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
D, founder of Canis Lupus LLC, adds: "In working with the leadership team at SIU's program, we agreed it would be great to get the Quality Reports technology into the students' hands during their professional training.
A longstanding curiosity has been the degree of genetic closeness between wolves in the eastern United States and Canada - the red wolf, Canis rufus, and the eastern Canadian wolf, Canis lycaon - and the larger gray wolf found in western North American, Canis lupus.
If we consider the Canis lupus a karyotype basal for the family, the chromosomal rearrangements that occurred over the group evolution can be suggested.
Foraging of the wolf Canis lupus is fairly well studied for the Palaearctic and the North American range (Bibikov, 1985; Pavlov, 1990; Jedrzejewska & Jedrzejewski, 1998; Mech, 2003).
One of the most easily recognizable differences between wolf behavior and their domesticated cousin, Canis lupus familiaris, is barking.
After spending four years connecting dozens of dots, they published a study crediting Canis lupus with unilaterally beginning a dramatic restoration of the ailing Lamar River valley.
The canis lupus wolves, which also live in neighboring Qinghai Province and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, probably never disappeared, said Zhang Jinshuo, an animal researcher with the China Academy of Sciences.
Several million of the species, Canis lupus, once roamed much of North America.
I remember her reading aloud passages from books that spoke of the direct genetic connection between Canis lupus and my beloved St.
As a result, the Gray Wolf, or Canis lupus, is no longer just gray.
Contract notice: The service an expert opinion assessing the conservation status of the wolf canis lupus in the natura 2000 lake mug plh300006.
ROR partnered with Canis Lupus, LLC in the development and validation testing of the software.
Whether ranchers like it or not, the majority of Oregonians are happy about the return of Canis lupus, the North American gray wolf.
Common Ravens, Corvus corax, preferentially associate with grey wolves, Canis lupus, as a foraging strategy in winter.