Canis lupus

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a wolf with a brindled grey coat living in forested northern regions of North America

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In the last decade, these methods have been adopted to assist in the management of the gray wolf Canis lupus in many regions (Stenglein et al.
Induction of infection to domestic rabbits Naturally and heavily infested adult German Shepherd (Canis lupus familiaris) dogs were used as source of mites for the studies.
Table1: Boolean Operators Operator name and meaning Example negation (non) -[phi] conjunction (and) ([phi] & [PSI]) disjunction (or) ([phi] | [PSI]) implication (if ..., then ...) ([phi] -> [PSI]) equivalence (if and only if...) ([phi] <-> [PSI]) Table 2: Basic axiom table Parent Child Caninae Canis Canis Canis lupus
Barreto, for instance, wrote to colleagues that HB 4040 "contains no language that precludes or prevents judicial review." But his next sentence says, "It ratifies and approves the decision" by the commission "to remove Canis lupus (gray wolf) from state list of threatened and endangered species." Why give the commission's decision the force of law unless the aim was to keep it out of court?
Multivariate geographical variation in the wolf Canis lupus L.
We bred them to be so expressive, of course, but only in the last two centuries or so did we actively shape Canis lupus familiaris into highly differentiated breeds, each filling a specific psychic need or role, from lapdog to bird retriever.
Among their topics are a sketch of the concept of ocean governance and its relationship with the law of the sea, transnational human rights litigation against multinational corporations post-Kiobel, international wildlife law and unforeseen circumstances involving the killer whale (Orcinus orca) and the gray wolf (Canis lupus), the relationship between the International Court of Justice and the Security Council, and the European Union's use of territoriality to set norms with universal effects.
Behavioral differences among breeds of domestic dogs (Canis lupus familiaris): Current status of the science.
We investigated the winter density and territory size of wolves (Canis lupus) on the Yukon Flats, Alaska, where moose (Alces alces) was the sole ungulate prey, occurring at a low density and representing a biomass of ungulate food lower than previously studied in North America.
I am thus completely neutral on dogs, the Switzerland of the dog world if you will, and that arguably puts me in an ideal position to examine this tome dispassionately, and with a critical eye uncoloured by mushy feelings for Canis lupus fanziliaris.
Las especies de abundancia intermedia fueron el perro domestico (Canis lupus familiaris), el tinamu chico (Crypturellus soui), el armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus), la caminera cabeciazul (Leptoptila plumbeiceps)y la paloma-perdiz roja (Geotrygon montana), una rata no identificada (Muridae) y la guacharaca (Ortalis columbiana) y el ganado domestico.
(1985) found in their observation of surplus-killing by wolves (Canis lupus) that depredated calves of caribou (Rangifer tarandus) were in good physical condition.
The Federal government's proposal to discontinue protection for the gray wolf (Canis lupus) across the U.S.