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Among those Tp53 gene is one of the highly significant and attention seeking biomarker in human and animal species (Paoloni and Khanna, 2007; Zoubeidi and Gleave, 2012), which is almost 60% mutated in all human cancers and have significant role in different neoplasm of Canis familiaris (Hollstein et al., 1991; Wakui et al., 2001).
Inter- and intra-sexual behaviour of free-ranging dogs (Canis familiaris).
Primer registro de perro domestico prehispanico (Canis familiaris) entre los grupos cazadores recolectores del humedal de Parana inferior (Argentina).
2009: Dogs Canis familiaris as carnivores: their role and function in intraguild competition.
Helmintos gastrointestinais em caes (Canis familiaris) na regiao de Londrina, PR.
( "Visual discrimination of species in dogs (Canis familiaris)." Animal Cognition February 2013.
Sled dogs Canis familiaris were tethered outside and were used for recreational travel.
We are one race, just as dogs (Canis familiaris), house cats (Felis domesticus), and horses (Equus caballus) are.
Dentro de la gama de tonos en la coloracion del coyote, se ha documentado en algunos sitios de los Estados Unidos la presencia de organismos melanicos (Gipson 1976) en los cuales esta manifestacion ha sido atribuida a la hibridizacion con lobos rojos (Canis rufus) y perros domesticos (Canis familiaris) siendo relativamente comun historicamente, habiendose documentado hasta en un 20% de la poblacion (Caro 2005).