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type genus of the Canidae: domestic and wild dogs

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2014: Winter diet composition of the golden jackal (Canis aureus L., 1758) in Serbia.
canis contain various representations suitable for this description.
canis ile ilgili calismalarda bruselloz benzeri semptomlari olanlarda prevalansin %1.6-8.3 arasinda degistigi, riskli temasi olan bireylerde oranin %9.2 oldugu gosterilmistir (20-23,25,26).
canis antibody titers were found in 40/250 (16%) of serum samples in total.
canis infections are the rapid slide agglutination test, 2-mercaptoethanol rapid slide agglutination test, agar-gel immunodiffusion, and ELISA (8).
canis and is therefore the drug of choice in dual infections.
Today's Mirzam (our Beta Canis Majoris) is the announcer of the greatest star of them all, Sirius, though an earlier announcer of Sirius for observers around 40[degrees] North latitude is Canis Minor's lst-magnitude luminary Procyon.
Dog faeces can also carry Toxocara canis, or roundworm.
The grey wolf's scientific name is canis lupus; what is the red wolf's?
Furthermore, there are no reports in literature referring to any infections by Microsporum canis in Sapajus libidinosus monkeys.
canis in the States of Sinaloa, Morelos, and Baja California Mexico, respectively.
150 dogs (Canis lupus familiaris, average weight 6 [+ or -] 2kg) without dermatophytosis were maintained in the animal houses of College of Veterinary Medicine (Sichuan Agricultural University; Ya'an, China).