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Synonyms for canine

one of the four pointed conical teeth (two in each jaw) located between the incisors and the premolars

any of various fissiped mammals with nonretractile claws and typically long muzzles

of or relating to a pointed conical tooth


of or relating to or characteristic of members of the family Canidae

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Passenger screening canines are able to work in large crowds in a busy transportation environment and can pinpoint the source of an explosive odor, said Cliff Van Leuven, TSA federal security director for the state of Minnesota.
Regarding aetiology of maxillary displaced canines, different theories have been proposed, two primary theories are: the guidance theory and the genetic theory.
This unique AKD product has helped hundreds of canines regain mobility since it was first introduced in 2013.
They include heredity, abnormal displacement of the dental lamina in the embryonic life, axial inclination of erupting canines, retention or premature loss of deciduous canine, inadequate eruption space, supernumerary teeth, excessive length of crown, endocrine disorders, trauma, diet and intrauterine defects.
OBSERVATION: The pattern of eruption of the first and second premolar and the canines in both maxillary and mandibular jaws have been tabulated below (Tablet).
The book is the first of its kind from an Indian author compiling her 16 years of expertise and hands-on exposure in the field of canine reproduction.
The study also concluded that privately trained and certified canines are capable of being used as a primary screening method on a wide scale.
The etiology of impacted maxillary canines is still unknown [1, 2].
His baby teeth were white and very sharp but I had concerns about his lower canines, which looked to be a little bit too close together.
Key words: Sexual dimorphism, Didelphis virginiana, canines, Virginia opossum
Having canines search a building with their keen sense of smell, they are able to find suspects quicker than a person, and it's a lot safer,'' he said.
Eventually, humans started breeding tamed canines that had desired traits, such as loyalty and good hunting abilities.
Demonstrating another lifestyle, chimps exhibit virtually no size differences between sexes, but males retain large, fanglike canines, Lovejoy notes.
Once media organizations realized the appeal of police canines produced by the Solo incident, they looked for similar stories in their local news markets.