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Synonyms for transmissible

(of disease) capable of being transmitted by infection

occurring among members of a family usually by heredity

inherited or inheritable by established rules (usually legal rules) of descent

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Radiographic assessment of canine transmissible venereal tumor metastases.
Orthovoltage radiotherapy of canine transmissible venereal tumors.
Identification of canine transmissible venereal tumor cells using in situ polymerase chain reaction and the stable sequence of the long interspersed nuclear element.
Canine transmissible venereal tumor (CTVT) appears most often in stray dogs.
The FNAC and histopathological examination confirmed intranasal canine transmissible venereal tumor (CTVT).
In rare occasions canine transmissible venereal tumor (TVT) may metastasize to the eye and associate structures (Figure 1I) (WILLIS & WILKIE, 2001; OSSOINING; 2004; MILLER & DUBIELZIG; 2005).
Canine transmissible venereal tumor also called transmissible venereal tumor (TVT) is a round cell tumor of histiocytic origin affecting dogs and other canids species such as wolf and coyote (Foster, 2007).