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In the control group and the test group, 19 isolated single-tooth defects were treated in maxillary canine teeth. In the test group, 10 class I and 9 class II recession defects were treated.
In the group B, the maximum stress of 1.8762 MPa was produced in the lingual cervix of lateral incisors and canine teeth. In the group C, the stress of 1.0986 MPa was produced in the cervix of lateral incisors.
The most frequent culprits are the upper canine teeth, but any tooth can be affected.
A Vietnamese national was on Monday arrested for being in illegal possession of eight lion canine teeth, three lion claws, and two warthog teeth at JKIA.
Prevalence of impacted and transmigrated canine teeth in a Cypriote orthodontic population in the Northern Cyprus area.
They noted the legs, front claws and canine teeth were shorter and its ears were bigger than normally seen on wolves.
If your cat is unconscious, open the mouth, pull the tongue out past the canine teeth, and look down the throat.
Brody was taken to the vets, with two canine teeth bite marks on the inside of his leg which had drawn blood.
An investigation showed it had several parts missing, including its canine teeth, claws, and skin off its face and tail.
In all models, the minimum principal stress (FRD: -0.79 MPa, screwed-FRD: -0.90 MPa, TFBC: -1.162 MPa, and screwed-TFBC: -1.487 MPa) is more effective in the buccal neck of the lower canine and hence the compressive stress is observed in the buccal neck of the canine teeth. This compressive stress occurs in the lower canine teeth because of the force resulting in the protrusion of the lower incisors.
Bertie, in his eagerness, managed to catch his four canine teeth around two rails and there he stuck fast, unable to open his mouth wide enough to get back off.
(ii) Creating adequate spaces in the mandibular arch to accommodate the canine teeth
The walrus has the longest canine teeth in the animal kingdom.
The purpose of this case report is to describe the diagnosis and treatment of unerupted canine teeth in a maned wolf.
You can buy bulbs in autumn (pointed tubers, off-white and shiny like big canine teeth - hence its common name, dog's tooth violet).
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