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But dogs don't live as long as cats or horses and when one of our beloved canine family members passed away, we would cry for days.
Cats have retractable claws, so if claws are present you're likely dealing with a member of the canine family.
He's spent his professional life studying the coyote and more broadly "social carnivores" of the canine family.
How can this help us to critically analyze the recommendations about privileges for our canine family members?
Coyotes, which are members of the canine family and resemble medium- size dogs with their elongated snouts and light gray or tan coats, have been seen in all areas of Santa Clarita.
Andersen's pet lodge has a staff of eight, including Lovella Tudor, to care for feline and canine family members.
Without the help of his canine family, Ivan would never have survived two winters in a city where temperatures can plummet to -30C.
The reality series show just how far some mom-owners will go to find four-legged stardom for the beloved canine family members.
Your prospective canine family member should be delighted to see the kids --warm and wiggly, soft eyes, and begging to interact with them.
For the love of dogs, pet owners paid $10 to bring canine family members to My Furry Valentine, a fundraider for Greenhill Humane Society at the Fifth Street Public Market.
Officer Cowan sets clear distinctions between Titan, who is a working dog, and canine family pets.
Her canine family also pulled her along when the going was especially tough.
Hart takes readers step by step through the creation of medieval characters and members of the canine family.
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