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any of various fissiped mammals with nonretractile claws and typically long muzzles

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2004: Canids: foxes, wolves, jackals and dogs: status survey and conservation action plan, 2nd ed.
Compared with the sedimentation and counting technique, which is typically considered the reference standard for the diagnosis of infection in wild canids (26), the MC-PCR method is less labor intensive and is well suited for processing large numbers of samples (25).
The result showed that most Tas2r genes of raccoon dog were closed to other canid species (except for Tas2r40 and Tas2r39) (Fig.
Paternal care is common in canids (Malcolm 1985), and because mated pairs frequently rested together during the period when pups would be restricted to areas near den sites, we suggest our data provides further evidence of paternal care in gray foxes (Nicholson et al.
Bestelmeyer, "Maned Wolf Chrysocyon brachyurus (Illiger, 1815)," in Canids: Foxes, Wolves, Jackals and Dogs.
The gene mutation that causes melanism in canids and its movement into wild canid populations has been identified (Anderson et al, 2009); however, the maintenance and potential benefits of melanism in canids, specifically coyotes, remains somewhat speculative and unknown.
Drawing on the research of five scientists who studied the diets of wild canids (mostly wolves), Brown analyzed the nutrient levels in a wide variety of reconstructed wild canid diets.
Obviously, over long periods of time, those canids that were unable to assimilate to the partnership--too violent to be domesticated or too inefficient to be hunters--were bred out of the wolf-dog population.
immitis infections are maintained to a greater extent in wild canids than in domestic dogs with a national seroprevalence rate of less than 2%.4 Feral dogs and coyotes provide even greater reservoirs of active D.
On occasion, however, the badger will tolerate co-occurring canids, in what could be described as commensal or sometimes mutualistic relationships (Lehner, 1981).
In wild canids like foxes and coyotes, mom and dad bring food in their stomachs in a semi-digested form and regurgitate it for the pups from the fifth week on.
Their presence in Florida is partly due to a range expansion into habitat niches formerly occupied by the red wolf and by other wild canids. Humans also have moved them around, releasing them into the wild here; in the early 1900s, hunters brought them here for hunting with dogs.
Although trichinosis is associated mostly with pigs and bears, it can occur in canids, too.
granulosus, offal from moose carcasses should be buried or burned to prevent scavenging by wild and domestic canids, and cooked or frozen before feeding to dogs.