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Origin, diversification, and zoogeography of the South American Canidae.
Canidae Grain Free pureSKY[TM] and Grain Free pureLAND[TM] are healthy, nutritionally complete, loaf-style canned food for dogs made entirely without grains and with 95% of the total protein derived from meat and 5% from vegetables and fruits.
In literature, several studies have reported the use of cytogenetics and molecular genetics for the characterization of species from the Canidae family.
A review of the family Canidae, with a classification by numerical methods.
Scientists classify the coyote under the order Carnivora in the family Canidae.
Host-parasite relationships in the wild Canidae of North America.
Wild dogs; the natural history of the nondomestic Canidae.
Denver pet owners visiting Kriser's in April will find a wide variety of the leading all-natural pet foods, including wet, dry and raw items from brands such as Canidae, Evo, California Natural, Orijen, Wellness, Fromm, Earthborn, Nature's Variety, Merrick, Primal, Stella & Chewy's, and more.
Canidae has two lines of foods: Canidae Life Stages (6 varieties); and Pure (5 grain-free varieties).
En la region neotropical, los 2 grandes subordenes del orden Carnivora, Caniformia y Feliformia, se encuentran muy bien representados por las familias Canidae y Felidae, con 11 y 10 especies, respectivamente.
Cycling fans can visit Canidae and purchase raffle tickets at all of the Amgen Lifestyle Festivals, located near the finish line at each stage of the race.
CANIDAE All Natural Pet Foods began a campaign to raise funds for cancer research in pets by conducting its first charity raffle at the Amgen Tour of California in February of this year.
Mitochondrial and nuclear genes have mostly been used to resolve phylogenetic relationship of genera and species of Canidae (e.
com)-- "Many of our retail partners have been looking for a higher quality equine diet to offer their customers, and are now discovering that Equidae Alfalfa Plus and Equidae Coastal Plus fit that need exceptionally well," said Mike DeNunzio of the Canidae Large Animal Division.