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Investigating South American biogeographic history using patterns of skull shape variation on Cerdocyon thous (Mammalia: Canidae).
"When we saw that our investment in building a can rack system was paying off big in increased sales for our independent retailers, we set to work designing a similar system for our canned cat food products," said Frank Hon, Director of Operations for Canidae, who continued, "Once that rollout is complete, we plan to offer two more can racks, one for both our dog and cat 5.5 ounce can lines.
For the families Canidae and Hyaenidae, between 80 y 75% of their species already have a monograph in this journal; for the families Ursidae, Mustelidae, and Mephitidae, between 50 and 60%; for the families Procyonidae, Felidae and Herpestidae, between 40 and 30%, and for the families Eupleridae and Viverridae, about 10%.
The Canidae grain free lines includes the recently announced Grain Free pureSKY[TM] and Grain Free pureLAND[TM] formulas for dogs.
Canidae TidNips for dogs will be available in a chicken, turkey, lamb and salmon multi-protein formula, a chicken and rice formula, and a lamb and rice formula, all in 6 ounce pouches.
Feeding habitats of the Crab-eating fox, Cerdocyon thous (Carnivora, Canidae), in a suburban area of southeastern Brazil.
Innovative packaging with a fresh, pure look has been designed for these two new products, as well as for the original Canidae grain free foods.
"As the leading brand exclusive to the independent pet food retailer, we continue to innovate and grow," said Jim Mantych, Director of Marketing for Canidae who continued, "Part of this growth is an expansion of our product lines.
"We are thrilled to share with you a wonderful and inspiring project that has been put together by a long-time member of the Canidae breeder program.
Small mammal selection and functional response in the diet of the maned wolf, Chrysocyon Brachyurus (Mammalia: Canidae), in Southeast Brazil.
San Luis Obispo, CA, November 05, 2010 --( CANIDAE Natural Pet Food Company (, a manufacturer of natural holistic pet foods that are fed and recommended by thousands of certified breeders and rescue organizations throughout North America, sponsors the Responsible Pet Ownership blog which is read by pet lovers worldwide.
San Luis Obispo, CA, October 30, 2010 --( CANIDAE Natural Pet Food Company announced today a unique charity-focused promotion to benefit The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank of Portland, Oregon, the largest pet food bank in the Pacific Northwest region.
Ecologia alimentar do lobo-guara, Chrysocyon brachyurus (Illiger, 1815) (Mammalia: Canidae), na Estacao Ecologica de Itirapina, Estado de Sao Paulo.
San Luis Obispo, CA, October 29, 2010 --( Canidae Pet Foods announced today a new can rack dispenser system -- available beginning in November -- to its network of over 6,500 independent pet retailers throughout North America.
Como ellos mismos nos cuentan en la introduccion del primer capitulo, David Macdonald y Claudio Sillero-Zubiri suman 50 anos de dedicacion a la familia Canidae. Por esto, si es que existe un grupo de investigacion en el mundo cuya trayectoria pueda identificarse con un unico taxon de mamiferos, este es el WildCRU (Wildlife Conservation Research Unit) de Oxford, Reino Unido, al cual pertenecen ambos editores.