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an instrument of punishment formerly used in China for petty criminals

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Travelers will see the weekly market on the way north, as well as terraced rice fields in Mu Cang Chai and Hoang Su Phi, that have been newly recognized as national heritage sites in Vietnam.
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at least two thousand CANG officers were deployed around the Los Angeles
The 514-room hotel is owned by Shanghai Jin Cang Mandarin Hotel Ltd, and offers fine dining and leisure amenities.
They attacked so hard," Colonel Tu Cang, a former commander of an elite Viet Cong spy ring, told me in Ho Chi Minh City.
Esse roteiro continha perguntas que exploravam nao so o periodo de formacao da CANG e dos primeiros hospitais de Ceres, mas tambem o periodo de expansao.
Our printing factory is in Beijing where eco-friendly rules are very strict," says Zhang Hui Cang, factory director.
Chang jiao biyu cang shenchu, zong xiang hongjian xie zisui": Xue Tao "Lishi" bian" "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] ["I hide these jades in a deep place, / And commit them to the red stationery that I always carry with me": On Xue Tao's separation poems].
Cang Ye's research hopes to vastly improved the "vision" with smart canes can provide the sightless.
Yuan zai you mi ji, Si ren te wei wu; Shi shi qi ou ran, Bi cang shen cuo zhu.
Rounding out the team are Ox (Hieu Hien), Snake (Lain Minh Thang), Cang (Lain Minh Thang) and Hawk (Tran The Vinh).
Zhen Yan (1), Yu Zhen Ma (1,2), *, Dong jun Liu (1), Ming Cang (1), Rui Wang (1) and Shorgan Bao (1)
In his songs in Nuer he said, "Cia ben pal gaat ka diaal e nga bi nga ngico, cang ni Ngok bike toang cuare dual ke beri marol; gueth ce jany ke ram kel ce bi yic ni how; jiok nyal yith tung de puar; ci gueth jany ke rol mac ce bi yic ni how; jiok nyal yith tung de puar.