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English writer born in Germany (1905-1994)

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Canetti said the non-energy sector was "fairly buoyant" in 2013, "which we anticipate will continue to be the case in 2014.
Canetti is deeply skeptical about the nature of crowds; however, this skepticism should be offset by the now documented existence of collective intelligence.
PZ: Burke, who has read Elias Canetti, thinks of a posture as embodying an attitude, which is an incipient act.
The afterword links the ideas of Nobel Prize-winning novelist Elias Canetti on words vs.
For example, students would have to read such difficult authors as Elias Canetti (eg Crowds And Power) for insight into why whole nations can become enthralled by an ideology which unconsciously enslaves themselves and allows them to embark upon the slaughter of "others" - and feel justified in doing so in the name of some "higher ideal".
As Nobel laureate Elias Canetti spells out in detail in his book "Crowds and Power," history is filled with many such examples and the result, more often than not, is rather unpleasant.
The reader's sweet tooth for the sweet spot of twentieth-century European literature: the great modernists of Central Europe (Kafka, Musil, Broch, Canetti, Krlea).
Elias Canetti, The Voices of Marrakesh: A Record of a Visit, tr.
An example for this, yet again, can be found in our quote from Canetti.
In 1998, Canetti and others [1998] conducted a survey of 200 corporate price setters to find what factors are important to them in setting prices.
For foregrounded here was not so much the irreducible antagonism in the social that relational aesthetics is said to gloss over, but rather the psychic instability of the crowd as seen from Gustave Le Bon, through Freud and Elias Canetti, to recent students of hooliganism--an instability that rendered the installation insecure as both structure and event.
Kertesz translated Nietzsche, Freud, Roth, Wittgenstein, Hofmannsthal, Canetti, and numerous other writers and philosophers into Hungarian.
Possessed of a phenomenal memory, he could quote, verbatim, conversations he had had with Kenneth Clark and Elias Canetti, for example, some 60 years previously.
Anoto la siguiente observacion de Elias Canetti por su exactitud:
The MLS side's president of business operations, Chris Canetti, said: "We have been in touch with his agent but were too far apart and there's been nothing yet to indicate that we're any closer.