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English writer born in Germany (1905-1994)

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Elias Canetti, en faisait partie de ces voix qui ont mis l'accent sur les modes de fonctionnement psycho-sociaux et la realite de son epoque via le truchement de l'ecriture, du langage, en produisant des pieces de theatre, des essais, des recueils d'aphorisme et d'analyse.
Coyle said: "I explained to president Chris Canetti the challenge of being away from my family and how we all want the best for Dynamo.
Elie Canetti, visited Trinidad and Tobago during March 3-March 15, 2016 to conduct the annual Article IV consultation.
After a kickoff ceremony, approximately 60 volunteers -- including Montgomery, Dynamo and Dash president Chris Canetti, and former Dynamo player and Dash managing director Brian Ching -- cleaned up landscaping and made small repairs to the Sosa family's home.
No one probably has observed the sociology of crowds more keenly than the writer Elias Canetti. What he says about the Catholic Church and the crowd is fascinating, and gives us enough reason to hope that Pope Francis will be safe in a crowd of worshippers.
? Elias Canetti, author of Crowds and Power, won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1981 Calling all up-and-coming musicians...
-- Ask Jae Canetti to recite pi, and the numbers come out like a blur.
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said April 3 Trinidad & Tobago is experiencing more robust growth after several years of "sub-par performance." After visiting the twin-island republic to conduct the country's annual Article IV consultation, an IMF mission, led by Elie Canetti, projected that the economy will grow around 2.5% in 2014 after around 1.5% growth in 2013, "with the end of maintenance-related outages in the energy sector":
Chapter 2 continues revisiting key authors that directly or indirectly dealt with concepts of the crowd including Marx, Sigmund Freud, Ortega Y Gasset, Hannah Arendt or Canetti. This forms the background that takes Cintra Torres to consider, in chapter 3, crowds' affinities with performances and audiences.
Royds Hall teacher Emma Canetti chose the charity after they helped her daughter two-year-old daughter Bella when who suffers from a heart condition.
The afterword links the ideas of Nobel Prize-winning novelist Elias Canetti on words vs.
Today, of course, unless one's own ancestors came from the Danubian town or the surrounding region in Bulgaria, the main interest will arise from the opening chapters of Elias Canetti's biography, The Tongue Set Free, where the future Nobel Prize laureate describes growing up in his grandfather's house.