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English writer born in Germany (1905-1994)

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Ceux qui ont deja lu sur Canetti savaient que l'homme n'avait ecrit qu'un seul et unique roman : [beaucoup moins que]Auto-da-fe[beaucoup plus grand que].
que hermana a escritores tan lejanos en el tiempo como Pascal o La Rochefoucauld con autores contemporaneos como Cioran, Canetti o, incluso.
Pero a Elias Canetti no le intereso el padre punitivo--a quien Alfons Ritter, un miembro de las SS nazis, le dedicara su tesis sobre "La renovacion de la esencia alemana"- ni Dios, sino el narrador o, mas exactamente, su ubicacion dentro del relato.
There is something, says Canetti, about the whole tradition of the Catholic Church that insulates the institution from the unpredictable discharge of the crowd.
Canetti said the non-energy sector was "fairly buoyant" in 2013, "which we anticipate will continue to be the case in 2014.
2) John McClelland, The Crowd and the Mob: from Plato to Canetti, Unwin Hyman, 1989; Peter Hayes, The People and the Mob: the Ideology of Civil Conflict in Modern Europe, Praeger, 1992.
Miss Canetti has chosen Little Heart Matters and we welcomed representatives to school to hand over the money.
The afterword links the ideas of Nobel Prize-winning novelist Elias Canetti on words vs.
But since Canetti herself does not explicitly locate the Yellow Street there, it seems more likely that she just wanted to portray a cross-section of ordinary Viennese life.
By evoking religious confession, Canetti emphasizes the interaction between confessor and confessant in which the confessional relationship reveals a constant negotiation of power and authority that is intimately related to social and sexual norms.
Elias Canetti, The Voices of Marrakesh: A Record of a Visit, tr.
In a few pages, it first places Bergs piano sonata with a scholar's meticulous precision into the brilliantly synthesized context of other piano works published in 1907 and then leads to a discussion of an opera on a text by Elias Canetti that Berg did not live to begin.
En una conferencia de prensa organizada por las directivas del equipo, Chris Canetti, presidente del Dynamo, manifesto que existen grandes expectativas sobre esta obra.
Much to Motesiczky's shock, he secretly married another woman after his first wife died, and Motesiczky later referred to Canetti as her "personal catastrophe" [37].
Earlier this week, 106 years ago, Elias Canetti was born in Bulgaria.