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one genus: aromatic tropical trees of eastern Africa and Florida to West Indies

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Although Canellaceae have tracheids (possibly sometimes fiber-tracheids), as clearly shown in the Metcalfe (1987) figure for Warburgia stuhlmannii, Dipholis of the Sapotaceae (Fig.
The natural history of Canella alba (Canellaceae) Pp.
Canellaceae Cinnamodendron dinisii Schwacke P Cannabaceae Trema micrantha (L.) Blume P Cardiopteridaceae Citronellapaniculata (Mart.) R.A.Howard P Celastraceae Maytenus aquifolio Mart.
The first one has five review papers concerning plant biodiversity patterns on the islands, and demonstrating the utility of molecular phylogenies to understand the origin and evolution of Caribbean Island plants belonging to the Arecaceae, Asteraceae, Canellaceae, and Fabaceae.
The Canellaceae are a small tropical plant family of aromatic trees, rarely treelets and shrubs, with a disjunct occurrence between tropical and subtropical America (the Caribbean Region, Costa Rica and South America) and Africa (Madagascar and Eastern Africa).
other Winteraceae, and Canellaceae: phylogenetic implications.
The Canellaceae are anomalous within the Magnoliales in that they have unilateral paratracheal parenchyma, they lack apotracheal parenchyma, their vessel-ray parenchyma pits are half-bordered and similar to intervessel pits, and they commonly have crystals in procumbent and upright ray cells, a feature not seen in any other family of the Magnoliales.