cotton candy

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a candy made by spinning sugar that has been boiled to a high temperature

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No candy floss flowers, just normal candy floss, no candy apples at all, no giant chocolate eggs, no photo booth, no ice cream, no chocolate sculpting.
The business, run by sweet tooth Doug Scard, whips up delicious candy floss in unusual flavours, including rose, cinnamon and even craft beer.
After years of experimentation crossing thousands of grape varieties, these deliciously sweet, Spanish-grown grapes from M&S, are back and they really do taste just like candy floss.
Food available: Hot dogs, ice cream, candy floss, American waffles, beer, cocktails and soft drinks.
By the end of the day his children were tired and hungry: That's when they saw the candy floss man and cried for some.
Prices are PS3.25 for a large ice cream on a waffle cone and a further PS1 for a candy floss cloud or doughnut ring.
English Heritage's Belsay Hall, castle and gardens is home to three Japanese katsura trees, whose sap gives off a strong candy floss smell when leaf-shedding starts, which takes visitors by surprise.
POLITICIANS always promise us a better tomorrow, but few ever deliver the promise because as we all know tomorrow is the world of dreams and candy floss rainbows.
They look like little balls of dirty pink candy floss on sticks with their tiny white, pink, grey and black bodies and disproportionately long tails, as they bob around the garden.
While my friends usually sought the thrills of the furious waltzer, I stuffed my face with candy floss and toffee apples.
Finally, and perhaps potentially the most valuable of all, Mrs Ethel Gobsmact, 47, who lives in the village of Clinton Eastwood in the Cotswolds, owns a stick of candy floss which does not look remotely like the Mayor of London Boris Johnson.
CHILDREN will soon be begging their parents to buy more fruit - following the launch of candy floss flavoured grapes.
CAPT: To fit in FLYING LOW: John kicks up his heels in candy floss wig and red heels as drag queen Zaza
Organised by the University's Optics Society, attendees at the Chocolate Factory themed event were treated to a champagne reception, chocolate fountain, and candy floss and popcorn, as well as a three-course meal, live orchestra and DJ.