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a confectioner's shop

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cities across 16 key metrics, ranging from the number of candy stores per capita to the best and worst weather forecasts for Halloween.
Bjorn Borg's Candy Stores are designed like a kiosk, an island without surrounding walls and with the products visible for passers-by.
Similarly, children who ate candy that their mothers had made suffered far less criticism than those who bought it at the candy store. In the eyes of some, penny candy stores and ice cream vendors made sugary goods--once a luxury of the upper classes--all too common.
The concept made its debut in December 2001 when Wal-Mart opened three Kid Connection Candy Stores in Supercenters in Oklahoma and Utah.
To accommodate tea parlors, candy stores and gift basket companies, Tea For Two is providing the candies in bulk quantities of a one-pound bag or 23-pound carton.
Because entities from large multinationals to corner candy stores to nonprofits use information technology or have information in electronic form, this SAS will affect almost every auditor.