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feast day commemorating the presentation of Christ in the temple

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Theologically, it was the feast of Candlemass (the Purification of the Virgin) that spelt the end of the Christmas season, and that was not until February 2.
Mirk's Candlemass homily gives us specific details of the churching rite: "a woman cometh to pe chyche-dyrre tyll pe pryst come and cast holy watyr on hyr, and clansup hur, and so takyth hyr by pe hond, and bryngyth hur to pe chyche, 3euyng hur leue to come to pe chyrch, and to goo to hur husbandys bed" (59).
Georges, La Grand' Terre, and l'Anse-aux-Canards nurture traditional music and customs like "La Chandeleur," or Candlemass.
Candlemass bells - the colloquial name for snowdrops - rather than flowering around the Candlemass festival on February 2 were being seen as early as November.
Stephen Timbrell, head teacher of the Terry Road school, accepted the Cross of Nails, a worldwide symbol of peace and reconciliation, in a special Candlemass service in the old Cathedral attended by pupils.
Fraser's other books include a disarming autobiography (Quartered Safe Out Here), a marvelously flinty Scots ghost story (The Candlemass Road), a witty survey of filmdom's versions of great events (The Hollywood History of the World), and an exuberant romp depicting an American cowboy's conquest of Edwardian London (Mr.
Already in the twelfth century Saint Bernard of Clairvaux had established a clear precedent for associating Mary with a priestly role in one of his sermons for the festival of the Purification, celebrated by the Church as Candlemass on 2 February.
The flowers coming out at this point will be snowdrops, called in folklore Candlemass Bells or Mary's Tapers.
The previous Sunday St Mary's hosted the Parish Communion Service for the Candlemass which welcomed members of St James' Christ Church and St Bartholomew's to a United Service.
King of the Grey/e/ande CD (Nuclear Blast)--The mighty Candlemass return with no more Messiah on vocals replaced by Rob Lowe of Solitude Aeturnus fame.
19) Conducted four times a year, on the first Sunday after Michael's Feast, "Mydlenton" Sunday, the feast of the Holy Trinity, and the Sunday after Candlemass, the practice anathematizes erring parishioners "til [thorn]hei come to amendmente" (61).
Tonight is Candlemass Eve, when meetings of witches are supposed to be held.