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an apple that is covered with a candy-like substance (usually caramelized sugar)

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Traditional Candied Apples: Use 12 lady apples for this Martha Stewart ( recipe .
"I carried this recipe with me from Palestine and I will never change it," says Samira's mother, Mahassen al-Ali, who is now retired from the daily chore of preparing the candied apples.
I didn't understand what he was doing back then, but years later I understood that my dad used to trade candied apples for olives and loaves of bread to feed our family."
"We take the ingredients with us to places where children gather and we prepare the candied apples on the spot.
(*) Candied apples from Kitchen Magic http:/
Interspersed with the display were such related items as pie crust mix and candied apples.
Boxed Lunch Picnics, Smoothies, Ice Cream, Juice Bar and featured seasonal delights such as Candied Apples, Cider and Roasted Corn will be available from the Farmers Market throughout the event.
Leicester Mothers Club: Candied apples, fudge, cookies and pastry.
You don't need a food-safety license to serve cookies, confections, cotton candy, popcorn, nuts and candied apples; commercially packaged ice cream, frozen desserts, potato chips, pretzels and crackers; commercially processed pickles and jerky; coffee - not espresso - and tea, canned or bottled soda and other nonperishable beverages in original containers (the customer must open the container and beverages can't be served with ice); or for private events.
Say you have a stint hocking candied apples at the county fair.
9 on the Brookfield Town Common, will offer handmade decor, jewelry and clothing from 70 crafters, Brookfield's best pies, fudge and candied apples, and family entertainment.
There will be face painting, sand art and other activities for youngsters, concessions and locally made fudge, candied apples and applesauce, and treats will be available.
Local authors Ellie Kraner and Rita Schiano will be on hand to sign copies of their books, and there will be lots of homemade fudge, candied apples, applesauce, cookies and brownies to buy.
Emmanuel Church will have balloons, cotton candy and candied apples, and the Warren Community Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization will sell baked goods to benefit the food pantry.
A bounce house, cotton candy, balloons, candied apples, hot dogs and coffee also will be available on the Common across from the library.