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inflammation of the vulva and the vagina

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Although candida vulvovaginitis is present in 20%-25% of women, congenital candidiasis is rare, he noted.
Candida vulvovaginitis is a common cause of morbidity among postpubertal women.
Although patients with diabetes mellitus have been known to have an increased incidence of Candida infections,(3) the role of sugar and other dietary constituents in most patients with Candida vulvovaginitis is unknown.
Patients on long-term antibiotic therapy also may develop Candida vulvovaginitis or gastrointestinal symptoms.
Immune compromise and prevalence of Candida vulvovaginitis in human immunodeficiency virus-infected women.
(57) Carroll CJ, Hurley R, Stanley VC: Criteria for diagnosis of Candida vulvovaginitis in pregnant women.
Four or more occurrences of symptomatic Candida vulvovaginitis in 12 months indicates recurrent infection.