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any of the yeastlike imperfect fungi of the genus Candida

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Various trials have revealed that Candida albicans remains, the most common fungal agent associated with invasive candida infection (ICI) regardless of age (55%), followed by Candida parapsilosis, Candida tropicalis, Candida glabrata, and krusei17.
Murine model of dextran sulfate sodium-induced colitis reveals Candida glabrata virulence and contribution of P-mannosyltransferases.
Time for detection and limit of detection for singleplex isoPCR targeting of Candida glabrata, compared to various control and conventional assays (5 replicates).
The product of this amplification was submitted to a second PCR using CTSR and species-specific oligonucleotide primers of species more frequently isolated from clinical specimen: Candida albicans (CADET, 5'-ATTGCTTGCGGCGGTAACGTCC-3'), Candida glabrata (CGDET, 5'-TAGGTTTTACCAAC TCGGTGTT-3'), Candida parapsilosis (CPDET, 5'-TCTTTTCCTCCGCTTAT TGATATGC-3'), and Candida tropicalis (CTDET, 5'-ATTTTGCTAGTGGCC-3').
"Nystatin vaginal suppository could be a therapy choice for vulvovaginal candidiasis caused by Candida glabrata." Dr.
Especie Pais No accesion Gen rRNA Fungi, Ascomycetes: Ciado Hemiascomycetes (Orden Saccharomycetales) Candida albicans Espana FJ627956 26S Candida deformans Australia EF405984 26S Candida glabrata Belgica FN393990 26S Candida tropicalis Bulgaria HM627137 26S Clavispora lusitaniae China GQ179987 26S Debaryomyces hansenii Reino Unido FM200044 26S Kluyveromyces marxianus China GU565207 26S Lachancea thermotolerans China HM191681 26S Pichia angusta EE.UU.
In addition, seventy-one clinical isolates each of Candida tropicalis, Candida glabrata, Candida parapsilosis, and Candida krusei were also tested for colony characteristics on tobacco agar.
Yeasts in the gastrointestinal tract of reweaned calves and possible involvement of Candida glabrata in neonatal calf diarrhea.
As the first positive bottle within a standard blood culture set represents the clinically actionable data point, only its time point was used in time to detection analysis, except for the comparison of anaerobic and aerobic detection times for Candida glabrata, as noted.
Results: Yeasts were isolated in 111 (18.5%) women and these consisted of Candida glabrata (56, 50.4%), C.
NEW ORLEANS -- Candida glabrata is becoming a more common culprit in oropharyngeal fungal infections, Spencer W.
And Candida glabrata and Candida krusei are both resistant to fluconazole (Diflucan) treatment.
The fungal efflux-pump inhibitors reduced intrinsic resistance in Candida glabrata to one-eighth to one-sixteenth of normal, they said.