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the basic unit of luminous intensity adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites

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Notre Dame came into the season with a star in outside hitter Merideth Rice and the steady Candella, who provides much-needed offense to balance Rice.
354r; Ancora volemo e ordenemo che senpre la quarta domenega de zascun mese del anno se debia cantar una messa sollenne con zago e sotto zago e con procession con la croce avanti e con lo confalon e cirii enprese, alla qual procession e messa diebia esser lo gastaldo con tutti li officiali e frari della scuola e la gastaldessa con tutte le sue degane e seror della scuola li qual tutti vaia dietro la procession con una candella in man impiada della scuola.
based American Health Superstore, which opened last June, will possibly lease part of its space to a weight loss center, but as Joseph Candella, store president, explained, "We reworked the concept and changed the name of the store to American Healthcare Center.
May and June are the saddest times of the year because so many pets are abandoned by owners who can't -- or won't -- bring them to the new home," said Stacey Candella, Executive Director of PETS911.
LAW firm Ward Hadaway's creative industries team advised Salford-based independent production company Candella Films on a tie-up with Salford University.
Mazzone) Marzilli, Palermo; his children, Elaine Hamel of Hyannis, Joseph Palermo, Michele Werme and her husband, James, all of Worcester, Anthony Marzilli and his wife, Elaine, of Shrewsbury, Joseph Marzilli and his wife, Peggy, of Holden; a daughter-in-law, Karen Marzilli in Maryland; 13 grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; a brother, Anthony Martello and his wife, Judy; a sister, Ann Candella and her husband, Albert; many nieces and nephews.
to minimize the risk of harm to either the pilot or the rescue team,'' said Joseph Candella, Senior Systems Technology president.
France travelled to Glasgow without Zinedine Zidane, keeper Fabien Barthez and Roma's Vincent Candella.
As designers we sometimes think that we're the creative types and that we shouldn't be limited, but then an important and influential group (like SND) comes along and says its working," said designer Shawn Candella.
Our primary objective is to develop a close partnership with P-Com by providing cost-effective, quality product to the market on time," commented Joseph Candella, president of SST.
Other developers in the fund include CerebralFix, Sneaky Games, SkyVu, Bushi-Go, Galatea, Candella Software, Liv Games, Mention Mobile, Veraxon, Digital Harmony, PixoFactor, Stark Apps and many others from throughout the world.
and his wife Sally, Christopher Marzilli and his wife Liza, Thomas, Stacey, Joseph, Anthony, Thomas and Marisa Marzilli; four great grandchildren: Cameron, Olivia, Antonio and Gio; a brother, Anthony Martello and his wife Judy; a sister, Ann Candella and her husband Albert; many nieces and nephews.
It just seems like weeks ago we had drywall in here,'' SST President Joseph Candella said Saturday, standing in the middle of the bright, clean production room as workers checked out machinery, installed overhead lights and polished the floor.
The new team members in New York are: Michael McKenna, senior vice president; Elyse Candella, vice president; and Marisa Fegan, associate.
The fraudulent use of credit cards -- the electronic equivalent of shoplifting -- is a serious threat to the emerging e-commerce industry," says Fraud-Check President George Candella.