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the basic unit of luminous intensity adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites

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Candella brings to BCG more than 30 years of diversified construction management experience with some of the city's leading general contractors.
BABE IN THE CITY J Smoking a fat cigar, baseball legend Babe Ruth is surrounded as he enjoys the World Series in 1936 with second wife, Clare GRISLY* Local hood Gaspare Candella lies slain inside a barrel dumped in a field as detectives work the scene and a tape keeps curious civilians at bay in 1918.
One grisly shot shows a police investigation into a murder after children found the body of Gaspare Candella stuffed in a drum in a field in Brooklyn.
In the context of US based findings suggesting many nursing programs do not adequately prepare students for the current health care environment, Candella, Dalley and Benzel-Lindley, 2006 stress the value of learning centered curricula to achieve student outcomes.
Peck: Isn't the sculptural look for buildings coming back, with the work for example of Candella, Nervi, and Calatrava?
CUTLINE: (1) Meredith Arnold (2) Cathy LeMay and Melanie King (3) Paul Palumbo (4) Laura Candella, and Bill and Valerie Paul (5) Pamela White Murphy and Michelle Benjamin
7), "only 31 percent of blind and 44 percent of visually impaired individuals between the ages of 21 and 64 are employed" (Wolffe & Candella, 2002, p.
This is built in the "hyperbolic paraboloid" style of pioneer architect Felix Candella, who designed the Sports Palace for the Olympic Games in Mexico in 1968.
354r; Ancora volemo e ordenemo che senpre la quarta domenega de zascun mese del anno se debia cantar una messa sollenne con zago e sotto zago e con procession con la croce avanti e con lo confalon e cirii enprese, alla qual procession e messa diebia esser lo gastaldo con tutti li officiali e frari della scuola e la gastaldessa con tutte le sue degane e seror della scuola li qual tutti vaia dietro la procession con una candella in man impiada della scuola.
Atop the new wing, Johnson and his partner Alan Ritchie designed a sort of architectural hat, with wonderful allusions to the 1950s and 1960s forms of architects like Felix Candella, Piero Luigi Nervi, Oscar Niemeyer, and Eero Saarinen (FIGURE 9).
"Dish Dogs," producers, Richard Mann, Michael Candella; director, Robert Kubilos, cast, Seen Astin, Brian Dennehy, Matthew Lillard.
Rockville, Md.-based American Health Superstore, which opened last June, will possibly lease part of its space to a weight loss center, but as Joseph Candella, store president, explained, "We reworked the concept and changed the name of the store to American Healthcare Center.
151: `La Vidimana belle / quella Putta che canta, / s'el Diavolo la tanta / a butar la cordella / misurar la traverse / impizzan la candella alla roversa'.
Items from the 58-piece collection are at Candella Boutique in The Village Mall, Jumeirah, and online at; prices start from Dh490.
LAW firm Ward Hadaway's creative industries team advised Salford-based independent production company Candella Films on a tie-up with Salford University.