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the basic unit of luminous intensity adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites

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The 1400-acre Candelas development features numerous open spaces and a growing list of amenities including a LEED-certified swim and fitness club, with more on the way.
New home buyers visit Candelas and quickly envision enjoying their Colorado way of life in our community," said Creig Veldhuizen, who heads up the Candelas development team.
Candelas, who grew up in Mexico, spends her afternoons with others unlike her at least in one respect.
Candelas has practiced with the Trojans for only a week - she was a late arrival because she was playing with the Mexican national team - but already she has shown she has the ability to transform the middle.
Thanks in large part to its stunning 360-degree views of downtown Denver and the Front Range, Candelas is quickly running out of lots for homebuilders to purchase as hundreds of families decide to make their new home in Arvada's environmentally-friendly and western-most new community.
A customer from La Puente wrote that he was collecting cans and newspapers so he could afford to buy another Candelas.