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many of the best known edible crabs

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Because Portunidae swim and have more versatile chelae, they may be expected to have broader trophic niches than Cancridae.
As they grow, Cancridae and Portunidae undergo shifts in diet, and may be divided into ontogenetically distinct trophic units (Laughlin, 1982; Stevens et al.
The genus Cancer subsequently has been demonstrated to be comprised of several clusters of species, and Schweitzer and Feldmann (2000) elevated the subgenera described by Nations to generic level, reevaluated the placement of species within those genera and, in so doing, revised the entire family Cancridae.
All species of the Cancridae living today are restricted to temperate and subpolar temperatures of 1.
The cancroid crabs of America of the families Euryalidae, Portunidae, Atelecyclidae, Cancridae, and Xanthidae.
Among brachyuran crabs, mating may be restricted to a certain molt stage or life stage, as for some species in the families Portunidae and Cancridae (Brockerhoff & McLay 2005a, Wolcott et al.
In contrast, analysis of crustacean hyperglycemic hormone (CHH) and the structure of its cDNA precursor have suggested a possible phylogenetic relationship between Bythogaeidae and Cancridae, another osmoconformer (Toullec et al.
Cancer johngarthi is a crab belonging to the Cancridae family, distributed from Guadalupe island, Mexico (29[degrees]N, 118[degrees]W) to Panama bay (7[degrees]N) (Carvacho 1989).