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Synonyms for cancer

Synonyms for cancer

any malignant growth or tumor caused by abnormal and uncontrolled cell division

(astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Cancer

a small zodiacal constellation in the northern hemisphere

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the fourth sign of the zodiac

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You Cancerians have a strange way of relating, rarely directly approaching the person you're attracted to and usually managing to place yourself at a right angle so you can observe before you get any closer.
His Cancerian sun opposing the moon in Capricorn in his chart makes him moody but he will mellow as he grows older if encouraged to channel his emotional energy in artistic or creative ways.
Floral patterns and chintz suit older Cancerians while the young will prefer white plain walls or weathered paintwork for a comfortable atmosphere.
Cancerians from the south east included past winners Ricky Gervais and Sanjeev Bhaskar.
Careful Cancerians walked away with one in every seven of the cash awards while generous Leos and party animal Geminis won one in every 10, making them the second luckiest signs in the zodiac.
A diet which includes snacks is best to keep Cancerians occupied.
Dear Lynne, My wife and I are both Cancerians, aged 41 and 49, and we've had a run of bad luck since 2010 – losing parents, financial difficulties and me being made redundant.
Many Cancerians do well working for themselves and this business may steadily improve if it is carried out in the home.
is be you, own Phone now hear how a If you nag in way you will only leave a bad in a close ones when for decisions Cancerians help you close deal.
PoorVirgos, meanwhile, have the worst luck out of all the star signs at the game while Cancerians tend to take most risks, according to research by Gala TV.
Some comedians really were born to make us laugh ( a new survey has found Cancerians are the funniest star sign.
PISCEANS, Cancerians and Scorpios are the most likely to suffer from flooding in their home, according to esure.