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an official written record of names or events or transactions

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This is the seventh consecutive year NCRA has awarded the Impac Software-JRM Best Paper award, and we remain dedicated to JRM's commitment to excellence and acknowledgement of authors for outstanding work in the field of cancer registry," says George Rugg, BS, Senior VP, LIS and Decision Support.
Pyramid offers a complete best-practice suite of revenue cycle solutions, including coding services (on-site and remote), HIM services, cancer registry, revenue cycle, revenue discovery, charge capture, accounts receivable management, patient financial services, human resources, managed care services, and education and training.
We are excited to add this division to our existing cancer registry business as both companies share the same core commitment to quality and service," states Charlie Saponaro, CEO of MRA.
The active cancer registry plays a key role in using the resources in the most effective and economic ways and planning investments for the treatment of this disease in the country.
According to the sole Central Cancer Registry in Abu Dhabi which accounts for only the capital, cancer is the third leading cause of death in the UAE following cardiovascular diseases and accidents.
za; publications; cancer statistics) or by directly contacting the National Cancer Registry.
Olsson and coworkers also looked at the relationship between the antidiabetic medications metformin and glargine and cancer risk among all patients in the cancer registry, not just those with breast cancer.
Plans are also afoot to establish a GCC-wide cancer registry.
Without a cancer registry the government and health minister of Sierra Leone do not know the numbers of cancers affecting people and what they are.
They identified lung cancer cases in the Danish Cancer Registry and traced residential addresses in the Central Population Registry.
Changes to the New Zealand Cancer Registry are set to turn it into a much more valuable tool in the fight against cancer, the biggest killer of New Zealanders.
Led by Elisabetta Rapiti of the Geneva Cancer Registry, the study compared lung cancer incidence and mortality among breast cancer patients who were and were not treated with anti-estrogen therapy.
THE number of people surviving cancer and its treatment is on the rise, figures from the National Cancer Registry have shown.
Researchers from the Finnish Cancer Registry in Helsinki invited a total of 58,076 women (aged 30 to 60 years) to take part in a routine population-based screening program for cervical cancer from 2003 to 2005.
The National Cancer Registry Programme (NCRP) was established under the Indian Council of Medical Research in 1981 with an aim of looking at the incidence and distribution of cancer in the country.
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